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How exactly does thief backstab work?


I have never used thieves much (beyond locks / trap disarms on a low-level / dueled thief) and was wondering if anyone could explain / link how backstab abilities work? My current playthrough is with a Stalker - it's probably time I learnt what the mechanics are!

The class description indicates that damage modifiers apply - but what exactly needs to happen in order for the 'backstab' to occur? Do you need to navigate the character to be somehow be behind the target?



  • droogishdroogish Member Posts: 11
    Thanks Humanoid_Taifun - that's a very clear and detailed explanation.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    @Humanoid_Taifun was very clear in explaining how backstab works.
    i want to add only few things on how a thief can reach while invisible his target.
    against enemies that don't cast true sight a potion, a spell from your mage or hide in shadows work.
    against enemies that cast it cloak of non detection is the solution, but afaik it works only with the thief hide in shadows or with a toon that is equipping the staff of the magi, that can not be used to backstab.

    to hide successfully the points that the thief has in hide and in move silently matter, but also the light of the point where he hides does. not all the points of a dungeon have the same light, moving to a dark spot and hiding often is successful, while in a different point the same thief with the same level in hiding can fail most of the times.
    in the open ground at sunset and with a thief with good hide characteristics the same is true going into a shady spot.
    when the thief is successfully hidden in shadows he can move to a place filled with light or pass right in front of the enemies and will remain hidden until the next check triggers, so as the hide is successful haste or speed boots help to reach the target before the illusion is reveled.

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