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NearInfinity: Having the Goblin Race display text properly in the character sheet?

UnionhackUnionhack Member Posts: 27
Hey folks. I'm currently re-creating the party from my IRL tabletop game in Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition for fun. It's easy for the most part, seeing as 4 members of the party are of races already selectable (Gnome, Halfling, Elf, & Human) and 1 member is of a race that is represented in the game properly if you swap to it in EEKeeper (Tiefling, thank you Haer'dalis).

However, the 6th party member is a Goblin. Now, I don't really want to make a new race or anything in character creation or get the proper stats or what have you, I just want to be able to choose it in EEKeeper for the character and then have it display in the game's character sheet. Currently it just displays blank text.

How can I manipulate NearInfinity to have this happen? I tried searching for references to 'tiefling' in the text strings to compare and contrast how that applies to the Goblin, but all I can find is RACETEXT.2DA with the race's references to different text strings (tiefling corresponds to 37509 for example). I can't find the actual text strings themselves.

I assume it would be as simple as adding a new line in RACETEXT.2DA for the goblin and then adding the appropriate text string references to have it display properly in the character sheet, but I'm not quite sure. Can anyone help me out with this?


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