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Why oh why Won´t this Portrait work??

Fellow Adventurers! I call for your help in this most dire of matters! I have tried everything in my power to make this portrait work for me! Nothing I do helps me prevail though!

Can some kind soul tell me why? (Or, better yet, find a way to get it to work?) This is annoying more so much more than it probably should...

I´ll include both the original image file as well as one of the countless bmp´s I have made in my futile attempts.


Thanks guys!


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,802
    Hi @snoopdoggyboba, try these. The L version is the torso shot (420x660) and the M is the portrait (210x330). A quick look indicates that the only problem you have is that you may not have used an M version. L = Character Record and M = Sidebar Portrait. Yours showed up OK in the Character Record but not on the sidebar. As a rule (for me anyway), I also name them with all lowercase except the M/L and no more than 7 characters including the M/L. Had some problems earlier and change to this convention; no problems since.


  • snoopdoggybobasnoopdoggyboba Member Posts: 12
    Thank you so much, these appear to work!

    The lowercase thing is funny because I´ve literally fixed a portrait not working before by writing the name in all uppercase. :)

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