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Hull the Unbreakable!

Black_ElkBlack_Elk Member Posts: 30
Decided to roll up an iron hearted Assassin for the Evil saga playthrough, since it wasn't on offer in the original with the Kits and always wanted to try out some snares. Went high on STR for hauling the bodies, and INT to leave open a back door for OP spellcasting options down the road, naturally. Gotta give this heir to the Lord of Murder plotline a fair shake right?

Anyhow after skipping out of Candlekeep with all the gold we could grab (and Ness' antidote of course), we decided to assume Hull's identity for cover. Makes sense since we took the point in long sword, for a little more reach from the shadows. We're in Chapter 2 now and it still hasn't broken. Not sure if its our clearly excellent luck, or perhaps some hidden ability in the steel that even Firebead's scroll couldn't discern? Who was this Hull guy anyway, and what drove him to drown himself in mead? Definite doppelganger now in any case, since he's our chosen patsy for all crimes commited from Beregost and points beyond.

Hehe catch you next round!

Ps. Now that we got Nalin on the take, and our rep slightly above despicable, decided it was a great time to invest in some Nashkel riverfront property. I heard Joseph was looking to make a quick sale with a short closer. Hull the Pius is ready to cut him a sweetheart deal ;)

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