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Dragon Armors - Remastered Mod

Daeros_TrollkillerDaeros_Trollkiller Member Posts: 266
edited July 2019 in BGII:EE Mods
Greetings all, I decided to try my hand at some modding since I enjoy so many of them from the community.

This one can be considered an Alpha in its current state, and what I am providing today is a preview of the final product:

The dragon armors in both BG1 and BG2 (especially 2) have always bothered me, they just seemed lackluster for what they should be. I mean for crying out loud, we have an amazing dwarven smith crafting armor from the most fearsome beasts in faerun.. shouldn't they be a bit more.... spectacular?

The goal of this mod:

Cosmetic improvements - these armors should really shine, and cosmetically, that's what I will try to do with them. That being said, the cosmetic improvements are not going to be overly gaudy or flashy (by my standards, at least). My goal is subtle awesomeness that stands out, but isn't over the top.

Ability improvements and changes - I will be making changes to the abilities of these armors to be more in line of what I feel they should be based on the respective color of the dragon they came from, as well as removing some of what I consider bothersome abilities currently on these armors. I am not looking to make these armors overpowered or the end-be-all.

Weidu compatibility - I've never made a Weidu mod before, but I would like the end product to be so.

7-22-2019 Update:

V1.0 of this mod is finished! It is also in WeiDu format for better compatibility with other mods. You can download it below, and a screenshot:


For the cosmetic-only version of this mod, you can download it here:

For best compatibility this mod should be installed prior to other item mods, especially large ones like the G3 tweaks anthology.

I appreciate any feedback or pointers. Enjoy!

For those who would rather see the list of changes without discovering them for yourself:

Blue Dragon Plate:

- color correction to better match the icon
- added blue color glow pulse
- new ability: cast chain lightning once per day (instant)
- updated item description

Red Dragon Scale:

- added red color glow pulse
- new ability: cast fire shield (red) once per day (instant)
- updated item description
- corrected item name to reflect color

Shadow Dragon Scale:

- changed equipped appearance to chainmail (is still usable by leather-restricted classes)
- added violet color glow pulse
- new ability: cast wraithform once per day (instant)
- updated item description

White Dragon Scale:

- color correction to better match the host dragon
- added white color glow pulse
- cone of cold twice per day (down from 3, but instant)

Silver Dragon Scale:

- added silver color glow pulse
- removed movement speed increase
- new ability: cast writhing fog twice per day (instant)
- updated item description

(Green) Dragon Scale:

- added viridian color glow pulse
- new ability: cast neutralize poison once per day
- updated item description
- updated item name to reflect color

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