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BGEE Ipad/Android to pc save transfer

Rusty55Rusty55 Member Posts: 17
I'm going on vacation for a week and just got hooked to this game! If I buy this on my android or IPad can I transfer my pc save to my iPad or phone to play them transfer back to my pc?

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  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 911
    Enjoy the game and your vaccation. The game is quite addictive...

    You cant transfer your savegame from your Ipad unless it is jailbroken.

    Dont know about the Android version. Android is less restrictive

  • Luke93Luke93 Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,404

    You cant transfer your savegame from your Ipad unless it is jailbroken.

    You can't transfer your savegame because iOS/Android version is still 1.3 (desktop version is 2.3......)
    @JuliusBorisov We need to wait the next patch (2.4) in order to transfer save games from iOS to Desktop and viceversa, don't we?

  • clovis_sangrailclovis_sangrail Member Posts: 4
    I have the android version on a tablet and the PC version.

    Last night, I successfully moved an exported character from the android tablet to the PC, and I just now moved a save game from android to PC just to test it.

    Once I found the files on the android, I had to email them to myself to transfer. I could not just link the tablet and the PC and drag and drop because when I looked at the tablet folders in the PC, the character files were hidden.

    You'll need a little computer literacy, but if I can do it, it's hardly an advanced skill. You just need to find where the files live in each system. I did have to download a file manager app for the tablet.

    I don't know about going the other direction -- PC to tablet.

    But you should get it on your tablet anyway. I have both because my job requires coast to coast air travel twice a week, so I play the android when I'm flying. I just have two separate games going -- one on the android for when travelling and one on the PC for when I'm stationary.

    The reason I was exporting the character file from the android was because I liked him so much, I wanted to play him on the PC. I always keep a save file from the very beginning in Candlekeep whenever I create a new character, so I loaded that and exported the character, then imported into PC and started a new game with him. At that point, he was brand new with no experience, so it is like I created him in the PC version. (He is a gnome fighter/illusionist with 18/00 strength and 19 intelligence, and I knew it would take forever to roll that again.)


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,731
    Hi @Rusty55 - I have played many a game on Android and have transfered my saved game between PC and tablet. Not so much now as I have retired my tablet and using a hybrid laptop (the games still have their place on my phone though). Can't speak about iPad but I have read a bit about the problems transferring saved games in this forum.

    As @Luke93 has indicated, the prob with the transfer is versioning; 1.3 on tablet and 2.3 on PC. You will lose and differences between the two. I basically kept v1.3 on my PC to allow for the compatability and and continued gaming. The other problem with transfers are mods. If you are running mods on your PC, some will not tranfser nicely to either platform. On the android platform, I have had no problems in transferring the basic mods that I used for the PC.

    Getting the game for the tablet is great for all those times away, and the versioning problem will hopefully be healed in the future...

    For @clovis_sangrail, not sure what device you are running, but your folders shouldn't have been hidden. Make sure you have the appropriate USB drivers running on your PC, and your device is configured to transfer files. You should be able to transfer through Windows Explorer. Once you connect your device to the PC, the path for the saved game files is 'sdcard/android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition/files/save' where ths sdcard is your internal card, not any additional external sdcard that you may have.

    Enjoy your holiday

  • Rusty55Rusty55 Member Posts: 17
    I guess I should of mainly asked about apple because o have an iPad. But I have an android phone. Guess I'll be playing on my phone because by the looks of it iPad transfers aren't much of a thing. Thank you all for your help.

  • GA442280GA442280 Member Posts: 1

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