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Few questions about Siege of Dragonspear

Heya, thanks for answering everyone.

So I only just finished the Siege, honestly its pretty freaking awesome imho, its nice to see more of Baldurs gate after such a long time and I liked the new coat of paint it had. But I do have a few questions if anyone can give me answers.

Regarding Skie, can we save her? I assumed if you do her quest she will not fail and hooded figure doesnt kill her, can you do anything about it? Since she isnt in BG 2 I assume this plot thread is never continued and she cant be revived is that true? Or did EE change something and added new quests? Id love to continue that plot thread and actually shut up all the people of BG that turned on me, especially Entar, he always pissed me off.
If there is a solution with mods please let me know as well, I do remember seeing a mod about her.

Regarding Caelar, I cant really decide whehter I like her character or not, but Id like to see her in BG2 as well, do we know anything about her fate after the gate is closed?

How come some companions have quests and some dont? What difference does it make? Is that what dictates who comes to you when you are in jail and who doesnt? Corwin came to me and told me that she doesnt believe me basically, I assume that changes if you do her quest, doesnt it?
But beside her it was only Neera that came around to tell me she cant help me.

And speaking off, how is it with romanced characters in siege? I had Neera with me throghout the OC campaign and Siege, romanced her and she only came around to tell me she cant help and she goes off to save some wild mages. I mean I sort of get it, she "couldnt" help but Imoen does, your other friends stay and do help, what the F, how come that your romanced companion doesnt even try? On top of that, unless I messed up, the final conversation with her in prison didnt even acknowledge the relationship, at least not that I noticed. Can someone clear this up for me please?

THanks bunches :)



  • DaevelonDaevelon Member Posts: 600
    edited September 2019
    I try to answer your questions:
    - First thing, nothing concerning the plot will evolve in BG2EE; if you romance one of the SoD character nothing will be imported in BG2EE. The other romances will be imported only if you import the save (not che char), but like this you can keep your romance with Neera.
    - Some objects will be present in BG2EE if you had in your inventory in your import save or char (no spoiler but they will not be available from the very first beginning)
    - There is no way to change the fate of Skie, and as already highlighted nothing will continue in BG2EE (and there are not plans to implements a conclusion in BG2EE)
    - The SoD companions quests are just secondary quests, no more no less. There is only a slight change in the end; if you are very close to Corwin, for example, she will release your character from the cage. It will eventually happen anyway, but storywise is nice.
    - About Caelar, same as already wrote. Too bad they make her joinable in ToB, where you can literally summon your companion, or at least give us reasons for the summoning failure.

  • mademan2mademan2 Member Posts: 42
    Thanks for answers. Yeah I agree the ending is very painful, kinda on the stupid side as well, seeing as how important of a person you are it shouldnt really be this easy to have you arrested, like Skie could have attacked you, it makes just about as much sense for you to kill her for no reason.

    In any case I really hope SoD gets a continuation or implementation in some later patch of BG2EE, beamdog is doing a great work with the reworks of these older dnd games imo.

    Gotta say tho, after finishing SoD the start of BG2 is all the more devastating, what with the deaths, Imoen gone and for crying out loud Neera cheating on you after she left you in prison and you were tortured for who knows how long.. yea the begining is a seriously emotional low, and Neera is a bitch :(

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    I don't think its entirely fair to consider the SoD 'romances' to be examples of serious, committed couples, but ymmv.

    I think I probably agree that the Skie death thing is handled poorly though.

  • batoorbatoor Member Posts: 677
    edited September 2019
    While I wouldn't say I'm opposed to romances.. I don't like the emphasis people put on them above all else. It feels like something that was marketed so heavily the last twenty years. So you ended up with a lot of shoehorned romances that feel poorly done. I mean I understand why people want it, but it doesn't necessarily mean you end up with something interesting or well written.

    Some of the the heavy hitters on interpersonal relationships(Kotor 2, PsT,MoTB) all have great npc interaction and development, but none of those focus exclusively on romances.

    So it definitely has it's place, but I consider it more a subset of interpersonal relationship with your companions.

    On topic.. Post-avernus feels a bit stunted and rushed.. I've gone back and forth in my mind since SoD was first released, but I've come to the conclusion that it's not really a segment of the game I enjoy. Which is unfortunate since just 15-30 mins of more content could have changed my outlook on that considerably. I wouldn't even mind the lack of closure with the soultaker dagger if the endgame content had felt a bit more eventful and not so ''automated'' and shallow.

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