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Using EEKeeper to mod SoD save game

I saw I could access a SoD save game by copying it into the BG1 save folder, moding it and copying it back, but EEKeeper gives a message about items that are not in the database and that they will be lost if EEkeeper modifies the save game. I listed the inventories in the UI before and after the saves and everything seems to be there, but I am worried that a critical plot item I'm not seeing will be lost if I continue. Is the EEkeeper warning message accurate or should I be wary of using it to mod a SoD save? Thanks.


  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,215
    You shouldn't copy the SoD saves to the BG1 save folder. Instead, in EE Keeper, when you're opening the save game, tick the "Additional Campaigns" with Siege of Dragonspear option on the right side of the window, and your SoD save games will show up.

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