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How to stop installation of NWN:EE Digital Deluxe Edition

M0tanM0tan Member Posts: 61

I wanted to install NWN:EE through the Beamdog client and went right ahead and pressed the install button on the Digital Deluxe edition, since that is the one I have purchased long time ago.
However, the download didn't start. Only after a few minutes I've noticed the text written there:

"NWN:EE Digital Deluxe had been discontinued and will no longer be updated .... etc..."

So I went ahead and downloaded the Retail version and all the DLC's. They have been applied and everything seems fine with the game.

Now, the problem is that my NWN:EE Digital Deluxe edition still tries to download and install itself. Of course it can't but it still tries and I keep on having the progress bar there. If I select that edition, I only have the option to pause/start the download. I can't cancel it.

Any solution for this?



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