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Zombie Survival / Permadeath Servers still around?

When NWN:EE first came out I was playing on an amazing zombie survival server called Undead Awakening but the server was shut down after it started being DDoSed and flooded with trolls. There was another decent one that started up after but it seemed really mismanaged, and I think there was also a cyberpunk one. Does anyone have access to any of those modules (or ancient ones) that would be willing to share them with me? I'm not looking to put a server up or take credit for anyone's work, but I'd really love to play around with it solo and see how they worked.

Also, are there are good permadeath servers up right now? I absolutely love permadeath as a mechanic when it comes to Role Play. It really helps me get into the head space of my character and I think it's very true to D&D, but it seems really rare to find.



  • FreshLemonBunFreshLemonBun Member Posts: 894
    A lot of servers shut down after the short burst of NWN EE excitement died down unfortunately.

    I also prefer permadeath and survival mechanics as they're part of D&D and it's not very good roleplay to have infinite resources and lives, it leads to a lot of spoof behavior. Unfortunately most people prefer a more action style of play and many refuse to play on a server with permadeath.

    There is the Haze project which posted a thread recently and is under development seeking help to build it and World of Isandore which seems to have started recently.

  • GM_ODAGM_ODA Member Posts: 177
    Permadeath is an option on our server, we have many unique features to aid immersion.

  • zunathzunath Member Posts: 92

    I ran the Cyberpunk one for over a year. I've since shut it down but you can find the module and all source code here:

    It makes heavy use of NWNX and the Java plugin, so fair warning that nothing will work without those. I wrote a few guides on how to set up a server. You can find them under the wiki section on GitHub.

    If you'd like to pick it back up please let me know. Would be happy to hand the Discord over to you.

  • HellboPHellboP Member Posts: 1
    I loved UA and the Cyberpunk server! They both had amazing staff. I used to play similar servers 10+ years ago and it was such a trip to be able to do it again. I wish they would give their modules out when they shutter the doors. I know it's their intellectual property and all that, but it just seems such a waste to lose all of that hard work every time they shut down.

  • FaerûnFaerûn Member Posts: 39
    @FreshLemonBun Absolutely agreed. I'm an avid D&D player and it's just so hard for me to get into role play in video games unless there are similarly permanent mechanics. Especially for those that consider themselves hardcore role players, I think you need to be able to accept consequences for your character. Respawning over and over just doesn't cut it for me.

    @GM_ODA Looks cool, I might check it out! Looks like there is a lot to read!

    @zunath Thanks for the link! I wasn't planning on hosting a server, just playing around in it for my own amusement, but this seems like a good opportunity to learn. I always favored the fantasy versions myself, but it looks like HellboP liked it!

    @HellboP Staff make or break a server for me. The DMs don't even have to be active, just good people. We as players should be able to make our own fun most of the time. The thing that's really been hurting me lately is all of the drama. I know it's always been there, but now that our player pool is so much smaller it makes things a lot more difficult. It's doubly so when so much of the pettiness seems to radiate from the people in charge.

    Also agree about modules being more accessible (like this post asking for them haha) but I totally understand their decision not to. It could actually be harmful to the community in the end if every jerk who disagrees with a DM puts their own version up.

  • DallianceHitherDallianceHither Member Posts: 8
    edited November 2018
    There's not too many options, permadeath isn't so popular anymore. Feels off brand to me because the first server I played was HAZE. There are some choices, two zomb survival servers iirc, but I can't name them and I don't think they have much of a playerbase. Off the top of my head you can find people on The Easting Reach, 1-3 respawn and then a 3 strike system, I believe

    Impiltur: The Forgotten Kingdom is more straightforward, though chronically unpopulated for the last few years.

    Both of these have NPC and PC clerical resurrection, body system, etc, but are low level/low magic. Oddly both Impiltur setting, too.

    The regular amount of zombies, though

  • SweetnessSweetness Member Posts: 7
    Hi Faerûn,

    I am the proprietor of Undead Awakening and recognize you from the server. I'm really happy to hear you had so much fun. I've sent you a private message regarding the module.

  • FaerûnFaerûn Member Posts: 39
    @DallianceHither There's only one zombie related server up right now and I wouldn't recommend it. There's been a lot of server turn over in the past couple of months after the EE frenzy died down.

    @Sweetness I was really sad when the server went down, but I understand real life comes first. I appreciate the message. Can't wait to see what you do next.

  • joshmad75joshmad75 Member Posts: 9
    ALFA - Waterdeep is a Forgotten Realms permadeath server (although there are Raises from clerics if the character can afford it). I generally roleplay my character not wanting a Raise however.

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    Hey there! We’re the Knights of Noromath and we have “persistent death” and this convention is widely regarded as super hardcore. We allow players to be resurrected if another player with that ability intervenes, but otherwise a PC stays dead after a certain level. We’re always trying to balance our “rules as written” approach and we absolutely want to play with people who enjoy more realistic consequences arising from organic play. Too often we hear from people that the game is too hard- it’s much easier if you party up with others, invest in magical items, and do D&D things. The remaining population of NWNers seems to prefer this social-lite play with zero impacts to their character and this is frustrating for anyone trying to tell a story. Anyway, site is and our success comes from marketing to D&D enthusiasts and trying to get them to play NWN like a campaign, not a persistent world (which to me is effectively the equivalent to the comic strip of online roleplay). Play for the campaign, play for the story, leave lasting impacts to the story that will be repeated to your fellow players for years.

  • FaerûnFaerûn Member Posts: 39
    @DM_Djinn Is Knights of Noromath still around? I don't think I see it on the EE listing.

    Also bumping because I still miss ZS. Also interested in looking at legacy servers if anyone has a module they're willing to share with me in PM.

  • DawdleslogDawdleslog Member Posts: 6
    Not zombie survival, so stop reading if you just want that genre, but The Easting Reach has a permadeath system. Despite there being options for parties to deal with dead PCs, within three minutes of death, they still do die often. The headstone system attests to this.

    It's complex, give it a read here, on the launch page under Lore and Rules. It should have all the information a new player needs.

    The only thing it doesn't mention is E8, or Epic 8, which basically means past level 8 you don't gain levels, HP, less vertical growth, and more horizontal, with unique class abilities, tools and skills. You still remain relatively squishy, but you have options!

    They will be fairly interesting choices: rogues have some feats that give their henchmen a form of sneak attack, or lose their own sneak attack for piercing damage where they would have gotten one off, things like the feint skill (cool down bluff roll to make an attack without the creatures dex bonus) now letting you ignore shields, etc.

    Plenty of things like these and this is just for rogue.

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    Faerûn wrote: »
    @DM_Djinn Is Knights of Noromath still around? I don't think I see it on the EE listing.

    Also bumping because I still miss ZS. Also interested in looking at legacy servers if anyone has a module they're willing to share with me in PM.

    The Knights of Noromath is online 24/7! You can always find us here:

  • ValeriyaValeriya Member Posts: 54
    edited March 2019
    A Hardcore RP Permadeath gameworld is being developed called Haze (based on the 2003-2004 Haze). Though it's still in early development and many things may change.

    This is the current address:

    Post edited by Valeriya on
  • EbonstarEbonstar Member Posts: 146
    edited March 2019
    what people are forgetting, is you can choose to play permadeath, even if your server doesnt. Arelith has a mark of destiny option where after ten deaths you're permadead

  • FreshLemonBunFreshLemonBun Member Posts: 894
    I'm sure people don't actually forget that they always have the option to quit a character or a server. Although it's possible a few exist with 50,000 play hours in NWN that might have forgotten such options existed.

  • ValeriyaValeriya Member Posts: 54
    Permadeath isn't a personal choice. Speaking for PW's, if you quit playing after your character dies, then you had just "quit playing". It has nothing to do with permadeath. This also includes if you have the option between permadeath or not.

    Permadeath, or rather "true permadeath", if you will, is when everyone is bound by the same rule and the player has no say about it. What people don't understand is that at least for me, and I bet for others, permadeath is a gameworld philosophy not a personal choice.

    Haze, as posted above, is true permadeath.

  • TaliesonTalieson Member Posts: 3
    I'm going to throw my hat in the arena of as another person who would be JAZZED to play some ZS!

  • TaelonTaelon Member Posts: 3
    I have a copy of the Shadows of Siranda module if anyone wished to host it, play it whatever. You can find me on here, or easier and faster responses would be to add me on discord. Taelon#7757

  • FaerûnFaerûn Member Posts: 39
    Hey Taelon, I tried reaching out to you a couple months ago but you are blocking all new friend requests on Discord so I've been unable to get a hold of you. I'm still interested in taking a look at Zombie Survival modules if anyone has them. Unfortunately even though I've been given a few offers so far nobody has followed through.

    Also wanted to say I appreciate all of the other suggestions for permadeath servers. Even though I'm looking more specifically for zombie-esc ones, I checked most of them out and thought they were really well done!

  • TaelonTaelon Member Posts: 3
    Sorry about the discord blocking complete forgot I had that on, you should be able to friend me now if you are still interested.

  • Bmxbike08Bmxbike08 Member Posts: 2
    Don't mean to Necro this too hard, but if anyone is interested in the Perma Death ZS genre, a rework of Shadows of Siranda is in the works right now, we have a really small team working on it and could use extra hands.

    It's levels 1-10 and so far has had a lot of work put into it, but bugs are still being rolled out.

    If anyone is interested, I'd greatly appreciate if you take the time to check it out and want to help.

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