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World of Greyhawk, Mithral Edition

Grizzled_DwarflordGrizzled_Dwarflord Member Posts: 168
The World of Greyhawk Action Server, Mithral Edition is now live, out of beta-testing, and firing on all Enhanced Edition cylinders! We are proud to have made the Beamdog EE transition, and we would like to thank them for keeping the dream alive. Thank you, my lords and ladies of Beamdog, we are at your service. Now, on with the news!

Come back to where it all began, to the ancient genesis of our role-playing forefathers, to Oerth, and to the World of Greyhawk! The World of Greyhawk Action Server has been an on-going and evolving persistent world since 2005. It's hard to believe that we've been around for 13 years, and that we might be older than some of the people who play there. It is not a heavy role-playing environment, nor is it all hack-and-slash/Monty Haul-style campaign. The World of Greyhawk is rich in action, intrigue, mysteries, traps, puzzles and wonders, mixed in with humor and light role-play. The world is low to mid-magic, and many feats and spells have been customized to suit the setting.

For old school players, the World of Greyhawk hardly needs description. This was the birthplace and origin of many monsters, heroes, and locales that are now as common as household words-- Mordenkainen, Bigby, Tenser, Rary, Iuz the Old, Vecna, Tharizdun, and more. Players will find themselves in the hotbed of the central Flanaess, and will find such places as The Free City of Greyhawk, The Wild Coast, The Abbor Alz and Bright Desert, The Shield Lands, The Gnarley Forest, Village of Hommlet, The Horned Lands, White Plume Mountain, Against the Giants series, The Ghost Tower of Inverness, the notorious Temple of Elemental Evil, and the incomparable Queen of the Demonweb Pits adventure, and just recently the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh was added. There are many quests, some of which place the world itself in jeopardy.

All classes and races welcome. In addition to CEP 2.65, you'll need to grab the following haks located here:
WoG Vault Page

Server Name: World of Greyhawk
Genre: Action & Adventure
Levels: 1-40
Required Haks: CEP 2.65
Greyhawk Forum & Community:

We are continually trying to improve the server, and any and all suggestions are welcome. After 14+ years, we are still going strong and still adding updates. We are a small but vibrant community, and we welcome all. If you haven’t tried it, or if you have but it was a long time ago, we invite you!

But you better pack a lunch.

Your Faithful Dwarflord,

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  • n4tivon4tivo Member Posts: 2

    When I try to connect it says "Server and Client different versions" I am on NwN EE.

  • DoubledimasDoubledimas Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,232
    n4tivo said:


    When I try to connect it says "Server and Client different versions" I am on NwN EE.

    are you on the Dev branch or the regular branch? Because the server is probably on the regular branch atm and if you are on dev branch that would produce a clash. Or the other way around of course (server on dev, you on regular)

  • Grizzled_DwarflordGrizzled_Dwarflord Member Posts: 168
    We are on regular, using the 8174 patch that has been out since March. As mentioned above, if you are using the development/head start version, they are on a different patch right now.

    The other possibility is maybe you are on an earlier patch.

  • n4tivon4tivo Member Posts: 2
    edited May 2018
    I'm on a regular branch. Steam's latest version.

    IP correct?

    I was able to play via GoG's NWN version. I'm still unable to connect through NWN EE.

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  • Grizzled_DwarflordGrizzled_Dwarflord Member Posts: 168
    For those who were having connectivity issues, the problems have been resolved, and the World of Greyhawk Action Server is live and nastier than ever.

    World of Greyhawk

  • TorgrimmerTorgrimmer Member Posts: 329
    Question: When NwN:EE launches on to Android do you plan on carrying the server over to phones and tablets?

  • Grizzled_DwarflordGrizzled_Dwarflord Member Posts: 168

    Question: When NwN:EE launches on to Android do you plan on carrying the server over to phones and tablets?

    Maybe? I don't know. I guess it depends on what's required to do that.

  • TorgrimmerTorgrimmer Member Posts: 329
    What happened to the server is it off-line :(

  • You use Cep 2.65 right? Is there any other files one needs other then Cep 2.65?

    I installed the Nvwsync to download, install Cep 2.65.(4 gb download install)

    But still when go to multiplayer list, and try to connect to various PW's on list, some will connect(more then before I downloaded, installed Cep 2 65), and some will not.

    World of Greyhawk is still one that I still cant connect to. It says that you require Cep 2.65. So I went and got Cep 2.65. When I try to connect, it says that I am missing a hak file.

    Is it possible, and how do I get around this?

    I have a LG K20 Android, Mobile Smart Phone.

    Where, and how do I get, install, the right files to connect to your PW server?

    Also can you make a Nvwsync download for your PW?

    Some of the PW's, all you have to do is click to try to connect to the PW server, and it will start a Nvwsync download, install that is about 500 mb to 8 gb, that when done, can then connect to, play that PW.

    Would be nice if could do that with your PW as well.

  • Grizzled_DwarflordGrizzled_Dwarflord Member Posts: 168
    They're working on it.  There's a number of things in the works.  

  • Blksabbath74Blksabbath74 Member Posts: 22
    NotQuestion: When NwN:EE launches on to Android do you plan on carrying the server over to phones and tablets?Maybe? I don't know. I guess it depends on what's required to do that.

    I think we mobile folks can play if you make the haks downloadable through EE, otherwise, we can't manually place them.

  • Grizzled_DwarflordGrizzled_Dwarflord Member Posts: 168
    Bumping to advertise an oldie but a goodie -- World of Greyhawk Action Server. Perhaps my favorite server of all time.


  • Grizzled_DwarflordGrizzled_Dwarflord Member Posts: 168
    Hail and well met brothers and sisters of the Realm,

    The World of Greyhawk is hosting a live DM event this Friday, June 14th, 12pm GMT (8am EST) to roll out the new and continuing adventure of The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, Danger at Dunwater, and The Final Enemy. All are welcome. For server requirements, please see here


  • Silver21leafSilver21leaf Member Posts: 19
    m havingble getting the Haks into the right folder. Right now as default they go to C:users/Documents (pretty sure) . I'll most likely need help with this. I'll repost with exactly what the problem is in a bit....

  • Silver21leafSilver21leaf Member Posts: 19
    Is there a chatroom I can talk to someone ? Particularly from this server? I'll move this to Greyhawk Forum but if anyone sees this and can help just reply...

  • Grizzled_DwarflordGrizzled_Dwarflord Member Posts: 168
    To know what you are doing wrong, it will be helpful to know what exactly you are trying to do. If you are downloading the haks, know that they are in compressed format (typically 7z) so you'll need to uncompress/extract them into their normal form. When doing so, extract them into you Hak folder located inside of your NWN directory.

    Make sure to grab not only the listed haks, but grab those under "Required Projects."

    The TLK file is not a hak but the required talk table, and you'll need to extract that into your tlk folder.

    The music files will need to go into your "music" folder (also in your NWN Directory). Note the actual music hak still goes in your hak folder.

    If you're still having issues, please post here and someone will step up and get you the help you need.

  • Old_GithOld_Gith Member Posts: 93
    edited June 23
    Warm winds and hello! This is just a plug for those still looking for a new PW to explore, or for those looking for a PW who may seem like an old friend, or anyone wanting to try something different. As Neverwinter Nights turned 18 years old this summer, the World of Greyhawk Action Server turns 15 years in the Fall. For 15 years the World of Greyhawk has been live and been home to some of the fiercest action in the NW Multiverse. With over 500 areas, multiple cities, islands, underwater action, outer planes, endless dungeons, over 60 quests, overarching storylines and crossover events, persistent banking, storage and horse system, the entire Greyhawk Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, villains whose names are familiar as household words, a robust and dynamic loot system and, woven into the fabric of it all, are some of the most classic adventures of all time, faithfully created and adapted by the WoG Team and found nowhere else like they are here:
    • The Village of Hommlet
    • The Temple of Elemental Evil
    • Against the Giants
    • Descent into the Depths of the Earth (and Vault of the Drow)
    • Queen of the Demonweb Pits
    • The Ghost Tower of Inverness
    • Rary the Traitor
    • White Plume Mountain
    • The Marklands
    • Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh
    • Danger at Dunwater
    • The Final Enemy

    I'm sure there is more I've forgotten than what I am remembering. While roleplaying is always encouraged, it’s not a prerequisite, for much of World of Greyhawk is action-oriented and problem solving and players may play at their own speed, leisure and style. Greyhawk is a mid-magic world whose setting is the central Flanaess shortly after the Greyhawk Wars. There is much strife and tension in the world, and many kingdoms are either at war or weary from it. Others have closed their border altogether. And an evil shadow slowly creeps across the world...

    To get your Greyhawk haks & tlk and start playing, visit WoG Vault Repository
    Server Name: World of Greyhawk
    Module Name: World of Greyhawk 2_65 Mithral
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Light Roleplay
    Levels: 1-40, Mid-Magic Level
    WoG Discussions and Bug Reporting: WoG Forum

    Cheers, everyone, and don't forget to pack a lunch!

    Upon the banks of the Velverdyva

    Outside the Hool Marshes

    The Old Coast Road

    Some Forlorn Mansion that squats upon the heath

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