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Possible bug regarding experience values for multi-class thief for disarming traps/opening locks

A single class thief in BG2:EE will get experience when disarming a trap or opening a lock based on the XPBONUS.2da as follows:
  • levels 1-5 250 xp for lockpicking and 1000 xp for disarming
  • levels 6-10 400 xp for lockpicking and 1750 xp for disarming
  • levels 11-15 950 xp for lockpicking and 2750 xp for disarming
  • levels 16-40 1550 xp for lockpicking and 3250 xp for disarming

Some observations about an F/M/T:
A 8/9/11 and 9/10/11 F/M/T will receive 400 xp for lockpicking and 1750 xp for disarming.
Ff the F/M/T gains one more mage level and reaches 9/11/11, he will receive 950 xp for lockpicking and 2750 xp for disarming.

From these observations, it seems that the game does not check for the thief level when deciding what xp bracket to use for awarding xp which would be the expected behavior but instead checks for an rounded average character level between the 3 classes (this is why 8/9/11 - average level 9,3 and 9/10/11 - average level 10 receive xp from bracket 2 and 9/11/11 - average level 10,3 receives xp from bracket 3).


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