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Update for new iPad Pros (2018)

I tried to start both BG games on the new iPad Pro. It seems they are in dire need to be updated for the new screen resolution. I'm afraid to ask about this as I'm almost sure of the answer but I'll ask anyway - will the iOS versions of the games be updated for the new devices?



  • DanioDanio Member Posts: 3
    yes please, new iPad Pro 11 are awesome, but give us fullscreen, for better experience. I got all your games on PC and all on iOS and i prefere play them on iPad.

  • BersaelorBersaelor Member Posts: 3
    edited March 2019
    I actually held of on my recent playthrough of BG EE until they support the ipad Pro. Which is kinda sad because I don’t get to try Dragonspear until ikm done with the base game.
    Had to wait several month till civ 6 supported the ipads too but it was worth it.

    PS: get me access to the source code and I’ll even do it myself @Beamdog , iOS apps are my dayjob anyway.

  • DanioDanio Member Posts: 3
    nothing new about update for iPad Pro 11 screen?
    Im still hoping :)

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 19,811
    Thanks for the feedback! When we do the next patch, the team will investigate compatibility with newer iOS devices.

  • JlexacJlexac Member Posts: 6
    The issue you probably have is related to the fact that in IOS you have Zoomed View enabled in Display Zoom settings (Settings/Display&Brightness). This was discussed here:
    Unfortunately Beamdog doesn't consider this a bug (they closed the Issue I created for this after they found out in can be fixed by swtiching to Standrad view) so you are forced to use Standard View on your IPad

  • BersaelorBersaelor Member Posts: 3
    edited December 2019
    @Jlexac what you reported is a different issue to this one here.

    The issue is that even completely regardless of display zoom the game is not using the full display space, as it's still running in the legacy modes that apps run in which haven't been updated since iPad Pros with 11 and 12.9" came out.
    The screen resolution and aspect ratio is different then the previous iPads and the game is not using the full screen size. It just runs as if it was still on an ipad 9.7".

    @JuliusBorisov : I bought all the Beamdog Infitity Engine games for iOS, none of them are updated to the latest iPad Screensizes. Given how expensive the games are compared to other apps it's really annoying that we are waiting for a maintenance update for over a year now.
    If you release Apps on iOS or Android you have to take into account that they have to be maintained to new OS and device versions, we're not living in 1999 anymore.

    Here's a screenshot:

  • DanioDanio Member Posts: 3
    Still no update for fullscreen?
    i want to start new fresh adveture through 1, SoD and 2, but im waiting for patch.

    Btw: im huge fan, got all EEs on iPad, Steam and now on Switch too (to show support), but iPad experience suit me best.

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