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Updated string, or mod?

HenaniganHenanigan Member Posts: 29
Hello, I'm new around here. I have a question. I've seen in one or two places that the 'suicidal' nobleman near Candlekeep may hint that there is a diamond nearby. Someone quoted his reply in another thread:
You're right, of course. What a fool I was to think this would solve anything... you see, I lost the diamond out of the setting of my favorite ring while walking on the path in this lovely pastoral area sometime past, and was unable to find it no matter how carefully I retraced my steps; it is probably adorning some undeserving bird's nest or rogue's purse, and this has put a damper on my will to live, though I do have other rings.
In my game, though, all he has to say is this:
"You're right, of course. What a fool I was to think this would solve anything. It didn't solve anything the last time I stood here and was stopped, nor the time before that."
(In both versions, he goes on to say: "I really should develop a better method of dealing with adversity. It's such a long walk as well. Hmm, perhaps if I had mumsey construct a cliff closer to town. Ah well, thanks for your concern. Ta.")
Now I'm curious: was this line changed in the game? Or is there a mod that adds the hint?

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