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[Work In Progress 17%] Skitia's NPCs For Baldur's Gate 2

SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 357
edited March 15 in BGII:EE Mods
Release Date: Spring 2020 (Current Progress: 17%)

An exiled elf who is torn between finding redemption and falling to the enticing whispers of Shadow magic. A noble aasimar who greatly desires to help the world's issues and ignore her personal issues from within. The old dwarf cleric who doesn't know the meaning of the word retirement, pressing on with a bad leg. A devout Lorekeeper whose records the present, and ignores the past that is catching up to her. And a halfling warrior that really should keep his mouth shut every once in while, but what can he say? He's just too fun to stay quiet.

These five NPCS are all included together in one mod for you to bring along in your adventures. Each includes their own quests, with a relationship system that is responsive to your overall decision in quests, while giving their own (Sometimes clashing) opinions, remarks, and banters that helps the party feel like a (dysfunctional) family.

Emily strongly believes in helping people, no matter their issue or who they are. She is aasimar, that is what is in her blood, and what she is supposed to do, isn't it? But she is also a noble of mixed racial heritage and a canidate heir for her house, which holds influence and leadership over a small land in Tethyr in return to service for the crown. She can't ignore this responsibility, and risk the leadership being passed to her brother Thomas, who has less than benign ends and goals, but she can't ignore her heart's calling either. She intends to join the Bhaalspawn to try to do both, but will soon quickly learn her limits and the extent of her brother's scheming.
Helga is getting old, and after her leg didn't heal up right, most would hang up their shield in a dwarven hall and grab a pint of ale to replace their hammer. But Helga loaths idleness, and even if she must fight through pain, she'll take any opportunity to hit the road again. And when a chance comes to achieve the healing that she desperately wants for the pain to end, just how far will she push her own needs above others to get what she wants?
Family financial troubles always seem to spoil Kale's fun. First it was Sammy and his debt, and now it is his deceased dad, whose debts are supposedly his family's burden now. Time with the Bhaalspawn offers both reprieve from the responsiblity and aid, but when the details of the debt and his father's passing become clearer and more disturbing, will he choose to seek justice or revenge when the lines become blurred?
A Lorekeeper with a desire to record everything happening now, especially as it pertains to Bhaalspawn, Recorder would eagerly take another opportunity to travel with them if given the chance. But secrets and lies can only be kept for so long, and not even the mask of a false name can protect her from the reckoning that comes for her.
A Shadowmage from Evermeet, exiled for the supposed wrongful accusation of a murder of another elf, Vienxay bitterly wanders the mainland in search of power and purpose. Recently she has learned information of an artifact that may help her master her power of Shadow Magic, but when the significance of the artifact becomes greater than she could imagine, will she follow through with her ambitions or take the chance that she has been wanting for so long that is offered?

Q: When will this mod be complete?
A: Somewhere between March and June. I'm aiming for at least a semi-complete if not complete version to be released in Early Spring for bug testing, and then a true release version after some test review comes back.
Q: Will it be EE compatible upon release?
A: Yes.
Q: Where will the NPCs be located?
A: Emily is in the Mithrest Inn and Helga the Seven Vales in the Promenade. Vienxay is also in the Promenade's exterior. Kale is outside the Copper Coronet, and Recorder is in the Temple of Oghma in the Docks District.
Q: How many quests are there total?
A: Each NPC has one major quest tied to themself. Some are spanned out in segments, possibly extending for a few chapters, while others can be completed in a single chapter if so desired. They each are also a different style: Kale's for example requires a bit of detective sleuthing, while Helga's involves classic gladiator-arena style battling.
Q: What is the content rating of the mod?
A: Recorder has the darkest storyline, but no quest or romance content should exceed T presently.
Q: Will they conflict with other party members?
A: For the SoA portion, Vienxay and Valygar will not get along at all unless she is True Neutral, but the player can de-escalate conflict or just let it happen. Emily will refuse to be in a party with Dorn and will eventually leave if he stays, and will conflict with Hexxat. Recorder and Helga will also conflict with Hexxat, the former leaving, the latter picking a fight (Unless the PC puts a stop to it). Kale on the other hand, will get along with everyone. In ToB, there are no conflicts, though they won't be happy to work with the person they don't get along with either.
Q: Will there be Romance?
A: Everyone except Helga will have a romance, so long as the PC has enough approval with the desired NPC (Explained below). For Emily the PC will need to be any Tall race, Non-Evil, and 11 or greater reputation, for Kale any Short, for Recorder any Short Male, Non-Evil, and 11 or greater reputation, for Vienxay any Tall Male. Additionaly, and only for Kale, he will have a semi-romantic dialogue branch with Mazzy in ToB depending on if certain choices were made in his quest in Shadows of Amn, and he isn't romancing the PC. Romance conflicts will happen at different stages for each NPC.
Q: What is Approval?
A: Approval is the relationship system that measures the NPC's happiness with the player's actions. This is determined by quest decisions and responses during conversation. It's not always as simple as happy with good action, unhappy with evil, law and chaos is taken into effect as well, as well as violent or peaceful solution. It will be impossible to make every NPC happy because of this. A high approval bestows the NPC a +1 bonus to their luck.
Q: Will there be Flirts?
A: Yes, but not NPC initiated ones. I always find those to be strange and out of place.
Q: Where can I learn more about the kits used by the NPCs?
A: Skitias-Stories has more information on the kits used in BG1, which will also be used in BG2. You can also check the support page in BG:EE mods for each NPC.
Q: Do I have to use these NPCs with eachother, or can I take some/one of them?
A: They are designed to have the option of mixing them with other NPCs. So you could put Vienxay in with Wilson and she will say how far she's fallen to be in a party with a bear, if you were inclined to be so cruel. (In fact, Team Make Vienxay miserable would include Valygar, Wilson, Mazzy, and Jan.) Their content is richest when played with their counterparts however, so I recommend it be tried once that way.
Q: Will there be multiple epilogues?
A: Yes. They vary depending on if a romance was pursued, and what choices were made in their personal quests and in your own quest.
Q: Will there be crossmod?
A: If I get permission (Where possible.), then yes. I've played very few BG2 NPC Mods so I'll probably post a question asking for suggestions on a few to try out that would be good crossmod choices. Presently if I get permission it will be for Sirene, and definitely for Petsy/Yvette

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  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,416
    Petsy, and Yvette
    I can give you permission for those already. Just let me know when you have some stuff so I could take a look. Unless you want to create those talks from scratch with me. I'm open for such approach, too. Cheers!

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 357
    edited January 20
    Awesome, I will probably throw some things at you in a couple of weeks.

    I'm keeping a progress percentage on this mod so people can follow how close I am to being done. All of the Join/Depart dialogue, kits and associated spells, and NPC data is set, and I'm presently working on their quests, which is the biggest part of the work.

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 357
    edited February 19
    @LavaDelVortel You wouldn't happen to have an alternative download site for Petsy and Yvette? I think my downloads of those are on another, sadly unoperational PC, and Spellhold Studios is still down. I can live without Petsy as I remember her well, but I don't remember Yvette's speaking style as well.

    Progress Report:
    -Finished most of the dialogue for two quests, and three to go. I don't have any ToB quests planned, but I will probably add an event fun thank you to the player that occurs if you have all five NPCs in your party.

    -I've been considering a Rest Talks Component, where every few game days during a rest, the PC can spend a small bit of time with one of the NPCs in the party, checking in on them or chatting, like you might in camp in Bioware's Dragon Age and the like. Instead of just having it for mine, I'm considering branching it out for all NPCs. A lot of NPCs still don't have friendship mods, so it would be an immersive opportunity to sit down and get to know your companions better before you rest. It wouldn't be as extensive as an actual friendship mod (Probably 3 unique conversations and then some random looping bonding event in case you really just want to visit Jan seven times for his great stories). It'd also be slightly different if it was romanced.

    Speaking of Jan, I definitely look forward to writing banters for him.

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  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,139
    i like that idea. it would help the ee characters the most as they just sort of stop talking once you do their quests and unlike the vanilla npcs don't have as many lts so the romance is not as long and they feel not as fleshed out.

    atlest that was my impression when i played with neera and did her romance.

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 357
    edited February 17
    Progress Report #2

    -Have all of Kale's quest sketched out now and quite a bit of it scripted with dialogue set up, as well as set up its intersections with Helga's quest. I've purposefully allowed the quest to work with pickpocketing, gold, doing what the NPC asks, or outright killing as solutions to make progress in places. I've always appreciated multiple paths like that, even if most players will probably only choose one or two ever.

    -Emily will have a new portrait for BG2. The others will retain their old ones, unfortunately I don't have enough money to get them all a professional artist like Recorder had. It's the same artist as Recorders, so their styles will be more in tune, which is fitting, as they are friends.

    -Next week's work will center on Recorder's quest, then Vienxays, and then I'll spend the rest of the month finishing any missing details up from each. I've noticed that my quests in BG1 and even SoD were a lot easier to do as they tended to be one or two scene quests for the most part. All of the quests so far are at least three or more "scenes" so they take a bit longer to develop.

    -Still trying to determine a good number of love talks for each NPC. Aerie and Anomen are around a reasonable 20-24 love talks so that is probably the range I will work with. The friendship path will count for about four of the first four for love talks and stop around ten or so if one maintains the friendship instead.

    Once all the quest work is done, the mod will probably move along a lot faster. The present 10-20% of the bar is designated just for quest work alone. I can chug out talks and conversations in down time at work pretty easily, banters will be the only other long-term work due to the sheer number of characters.

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  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 357
    edited February 17
    Progress Report #3

    • Finished all the quest dialogue and most of the scripting for Recorder last week, but this week I'll move on to Vienxay, before finishing whatever quest work is unfinished on the last week of the month.
    • Emily's artist finished the sketch for her portrait and I'm quite excited to see the final product, probably in late March/early April. I will probably update and actually give her personal items based on the picture once the art is done in a BG1 update and her BG2 release.

    I'll try to add screenshots on the next progress report.

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,139
    man thats a really good portrait. a huge improvement over just reusing a nwn's one.

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 357
    edited March 15
    Progress Report #5


    There's a handy new function that allows you to make your own ambushes. (I've no idea how this was done in old Baldur's Gate. I assume something in baldur.bcs). This will make this mod EE/EET only, as these ambushes are pretty necessary for both Recorder and Emily's story.

    In actual progress news:
    -Finished Recorder's Quest.
    -Made Significant progress on their love themes. They are all the same melody, but scored differently, each starting with a trio of instruments that fits them, before going into the main theme they share. These won't play on the friendship tracks, so its a good indication if it does play that you've made progress. Since Picosong shut down, going to find another site to use to share it. Once it's finished, I'll also add it to my website for preview listening so you can decide if you want to download it as an optinoal compenent or not.
    -Most Friendship dialogues for SoA are complete. There aren't too many of these, this is to split the dialogue with planned Rest Talks and what you can do via P.I.D. Friendship works both ways after all, they can't be reaching out to do the talking all the time!

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