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How does change the reputation when moving from BGEE to SoD ? I mean particularly with NPCs like Viconia or Baeloth. Do I get back the reputation points lost at the start of SoD or not ?
For example: I have Viconia in my party and a reputation of 10. We happily finish M. S. and then after a bit of frolicking in the catacombs I am suddenly alone, without my previous co;panions. Do I get back the 2 lost reputation points or are they lost forever ? Interestingly, it seems to me that if during the game one of the NPCs who causes the reputation to lower dies and you expel him-her from the party, then your reputation does not change (you do not get back the two points).
At the moment I am about 10 reputation points with Viconia and Baeloth. If I get back the points, everything's OK. If not, I will need to dive to a reputation of 6 if I want to take them one more time in SoD... and 4 if I want the goblin...


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