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Painterly Baldur's Gate fan art while learning to draw

cdxcdx Member Posts: 77
I've wanted to learn to draw well for a couple of decades and finally figured out that I just can't not do it. I've always wanted to do fan art for Baldur's Gate and now this seems the most interesting thing to draw while learning.

Even though I've dabbled before, I'm not any good yet, so I want to go for simple miscellaneous items which should look acceptable regardless of the quality of the drawing. One day I'd love to draw the NPCs and some stories but I'm not there yet.

Learning to use Krita now, as well as how to "mix paint", colours, light, shadows, shapes, perspective, the whole thing. I went for the simplest thing I could think of - a pretty oval.

Reference used (plus actual gemstone pictures on duckduckgo):


Fire Agate Gem:


I'll do a lot more simple stuff before I try to draw people. Ideas are welcome! :smile: Very simple stuff please. And even then, I can't promise I'd draw anything if I can't get into it.



  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,910
    Looks really nice! And the idea is great. How about painting some legendary weapons and armor from BG?

  • cdxcdx Member Posts: 77
    Dagger +2


    Not quite as in-game, but somewhat similar. I found a good picture and tried to draw it, with a bit of detail. Didn't do the handle.

  • bleachedblackcatbleachedblackcat Member Posts: 4
    Oh wow those all look great! The dagger could maybe use some shadowing though? I really love the way you did the gems.

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