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Lower terrain no longer working on Mac? (Solved)

jimdad55jimdad55 Member Posts: 42
edited April 2020 in Builders - Toolset
I use a Mac through WINE for the toolset and it works great ( until I mistakenly hit the upgrade button for Catalina then its goodnight Vienna!)

A feature I never use is lower terrain which is meant to be a right click while having lower/raise terrain selected. I seem to remember using it while doing the Fern tutorial just over a year ago which is when I started using the toolset. however, today for no real reason I tried to lower a piece of terrain and it didn't work with Right click . I tried then with Function, ctrl, command and shift keys as modifiers and nothing works. Has this been changed in a recent update or am I being silly and missing something. I'd be grateful if anyone using the toolset on a Mac with WINE would check and let me know if theirs still works. Thanks.

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