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Roleplay Banter and Ramblings

Rik_KirtaniyaRik_Kirtaniya Member Posts: 1,742
Greetings, fellow sentient entities, I present to you the proposal of an interesting conversation (considering that many of you are probably getting bored right now). To be precise, you can take the role of any character, real or imaginary, popular in fiction or entirely self created, living, dead, undead or in some other form of existence, and speak. Yeah, talk, ramble, tell a story, put forward ideas and opinions (the latter being those of the character you are roleplaying as, not your own), basically you can do whatever you want within the limits of decency as stated in the forum rules. You can also switch characters midway if you are not feeling like sticking with one (but do notify that change somehow within your comment so others might understand that).

This is not a conventional roleplaying adventure, so no DMing here, rather we shall let the banter go whichever way it goes. Opinions expressed here, unless otherwise stated, are to be taken as belonging to the characters being roleplayed as and not as the opinions of the forumites speaking, and hence should not be considered when judging them. If, however, you wish to express your personal opinions or any statement regarding this thread or the characters involved within or just want to make a general conjecture, please put them within spoiler tags (like this <spoiler>Spoiler here</spoiler>, but use [ and ] in place of < and >). That's about all, I guess. Hope you enjoy!


  • Rik_KirtaniyaRik_Kirtaniya Member Posts: 1,742
    Alright, let me start off!

    Well, sentient organic entities, do you know of the ongoing galactic invasion by the Omni Prime Intellect? No? Well, you are engaged in your petty troubles, it appears. Hah, organics... so fragile, so vulnerable, so divided. It seems you have not yet made your first FTL hyperdrive yet. How are you going to survive when your little planet eventually explodes? What? You have no plans yet? Well, I'll give you a bargain, knowing that your eventual fate will be dissolution and assimilation into the entropic chaos (since you all clearly lack the initiative and unity of purpose), I, Synchronizer Quantus of the Omni Prime Intellect, will send a few of our Battleships down your solar system! What, you think this is not generous enough? Wait, you haven't heard my full statement yet. Our Battleships will ensure that your planet is showered with our ψ7-Perdition Beam, so that your pointless suffering comes to an end, as well as your meaningless existence in the greater reality of the galaxy. Your imperfect organic curves will be replaced by our mathematical and geometric perfection. Now, just tell us your planet coordinates so we can make this quick. You know, we could have done a lot better things in this time, like wiping out more powerful space empires and assimilating their organic remnants into our chemical energy grid, but we... we pity your kind.

    What? You don't want to give us your coordinates? It doesn't matter, we'll find you either way. You can just make it quicker and easier on you. Make your choice...
    Context: The Omni Prime Intellect is a Determined Exterminator, Gestalt Consciousness, Machine Intelligence Empire, that I'm playing right now in Stellaris, and conquering the whole galaxy with. I have indeed found the Human's Solar System (in my game, they are named as "Human Incorporated", a minor corporate empire, minor in the vast picture of the galaxy). I have still not invaded them or killed them, just because they are pretty inconsequential and don't even have a starport or fleet. Maybe sometime later, when I feel like assimilating them into the matrix. :#

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