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Font size slider does not affect all text

There is an issue I have with the UI in the PC version of the game, namely that for whatever reason I can't increase the text size of certain parts of the interface.

What I can increase: item descriptions, settings' descriptions, most of the text in the journal.

What I CANNOT increase: NPC names, settings' names, item names, various texts that appear when you highlight things, etc...

Maybe it's just me, but on 1920x1080 monitor at least, this text appears needlessly small and I wish I was able to increase its size. Anything can be done about this?


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    Hi @ZuTheSkunk, most of the font characteristics are kept in the file 'BGEE.lua'. You would normally find this in the override folder. If you don't have an override folder, you can extract the file using NearInfinity and copy it there.

    Open the file, scroll down until you find
    styles =
    There are a buch of style and charactistics

    font = 'bookmani', // Represents the font being used
    point = 14 // Represents the size of the font (I find that 16 works well for me)

    You can play around with the 'point' figures until you get the size that you want. You just need to work out what each style (normal, title, label etc) is for. I have a text file that describes it, but I can't find it at the moment. It was a while ago when I did this...

    (Many thanks to @Bubb) For any floating text, you need to place the following line in baldur.lua:


    I have used 15 as the point size for me (my screen is 1920x1200) and I find that reasonably comfortable for my aging eyes. If you are unaware, baldur.lua can be found in your documents area:
    ...\Documents\Planescape Torment - Enhanced Edition\baldur.lua

    Hope that helps
  • ZuTheSkunkZuTheSkunk Member Posts: 19
    Thank you very much for a detailed response!

    I extracted the BGEE.lua, placed it in Override and edited the values, but unfortunately this had no impact on the size of the names of objects, NPCs, and other text that appears when highlighting things. Is the font size of that particular text stored somewhere else?
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    HI @ZuTheSkunk, I can see that you tried 'BGEE.lua', but did you end up editing 'baldur.lua'. Adding and editing the line:


    is to increase/decrease the size of the floating text or tooltip. It will probably be the one you are after. I think the size defaults to 12 (if not entered) but I find 15 is about the right size for me.

  • ZuTheSkunkZuTheSkunk Member Posts: 19
    I did include the line, and I can see it still being in Baldur.lua, but this seems to have had no effect on the highlight text, even after I changed the value to higher than 20:

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    @ZuTheSkunk, just had a play around with baldur.lua and couldn't adjust the text of the characters on non-zoom mode. In Zoom mode, when zooming in the size of the tooltip text increases with the zoom. I have just been playing zoomed where the text was comfortable (didn't even realised...).


    Sorry about that
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