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EE Keeper - Party Buffs

Hallo everyone,

Let me preface this by saying that I am fairly new to BG2:EE. I have a question regarding modifying party buffs with EE Keeper.

I would like grant my party some resistances and additional spell capacities. I have edited my savegame accordingly and added the effects for my main character. Here is an example for the cold resist:


And here is an example for the additional spell slots:


However the party modifers don't seem to work properly. I get the resistances and the extra slots for my main character, but not for my other party members.

Am I doing something wrong here, or does the "target" parameter not apply to resistances and spell slots?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,621
    Zimon1986 wrote: »
    Let me preface this by saying that I am fairly new to BG2:EE.
    i can not help you as i never used that EEkeeper feature and i lack of the technical knowledge.
    but as i see that you select party as target maybe it is possible to select each toon, and do all the procedure selecting self as target, as i suppose that charname was the selected toon when you did try and for him it worked probably doing it for every party member and selecting self as target it should work for everyone.

    but as you say that you are fairly new to BG2 i strongly suggest you to don't use this kind of cheats, the game can appear hard to beat for a novice, at least it was so for me when i begun, but as you begin to learn more about how the combat and magic system work and to use proper tactics, use well your spells and the items you find in the game it becomes very easy to beat the vanilla game.

    some very skilled players, with a lot of knowledge and sound well learned tactics, have beaten the game hard modded, that is way more difficult then vanilla, while soloing and no reload, if you die you start from the beginning. and many players have beaten the game solo or no reload or hard modded.

    if you start from the beginning to use cheats like giving to the party resistances that they should not have (there are spells that give cold resistance so it is not really needed to have it for free, and by the way few enemies use cold based spells against the party) or giving more spells there is the risk that you will depend on those cheats instead of proper tactics and not improve or improve slower.

    if you want resistances there are spells, scrolls and items that provide them and the key to have a powerful mage is not to have a super buffed spell book, is to chose wisely which spells memorize and to use the right ones, the ones that are really useful, effective and worth while in combat.
    the fact that you have less spells memorized compels you to use them wisely, to learn how to play well a caster.

    imho also the tactics that allow an easy victory, that poses no risk, but requires no effort and skill, like bombing from the fog of war enemies that don't react, as they don't see you, with fireballs or skull traps, should be avoided, as are really a drag for who want to really learn how to play.

    and to be a strong BG2 player there is a lot to learn, and the more you learn the more playing becomes fun.

    by the way i see that it is your first post

  • Zimon1986Zimon1986 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks, for that thorough and kind reply!

    I actually played the game without cheats and had little problems at all once I got the basics down. My intention isn't to cheat, but merely to check out whats possible with the engine, as I would like to drift to modding eventually. And I wondered whether there was a way to provide buffs for the whole team, rather than "the self" of the char.

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