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Gnome Illusionist/Thief - Where's My Extra Spell per Level?

Hi guys,

Running a gnome illusionist/thief for the first time, and I'm not getting an extra spell per level like a specialist class should. I chose Mage/Thief class at start-up, and see the blurb about how gnomes are automatically converted to Illusionist/Thief, but the class on the info page still reads Mage/Thief, and I'm not getting an extra spell per level (illusion spell or otherwise). There's also a blurb during spell selection saying that specialist school spells will be outlined in green, and I must choose one before progressing, but none are outlined, and I'm not forced to choose an illusion spell at any point.

Never played this class before, so I'm not sure if this is normal (though I know from having Jan in my party in BG2 that he's identified as Illusionist/Thief, and DOES have an extra spell per level). Could this be a mod that's interfering with the class? I can't think of any I have installed that would mess with this class, but I can post my Weidu log if necessary.

Any incite would be appreciated.


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