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Steam MP game not launching

monicomonico Member Posts: 571
Hi everyone,

2 friends of mine bought the game (BG1+SoD) on steam, I got mine via a "steam key request" diligently provided by the support team ( as discussed here and there).

We created a new multiplayer game, got connected on the character creation page, but when the host launched the game, it froze and never launched (BG did not respond even after a long while).

We all play on PC, all via steam, and we all downloaded the game today, so we're supposed to have the same version (i'll have them check on that of course).

I know that's not much info there, but do you guys have any idea on what might be the problem ?


  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,916
    I don't use steam, so don't know if there's anything specific about that. However, this sort of problem could just be caused by a poor internet connection. Even if you all have good basic connections, there may be temporary problems, e.g. as a result of something else being downloaded at the same time you're trying to play (that could be inadvertent, such as windows updates) or someone else on your network making use of bandwidth.

    Before trying to play next time it might be worth all of you doing a broadband speed check to see if there appear to be any connection problems. If one person is significantly slower than the others, it's better for them not to be the host (they'll still affect the overall performance of the game, but less as a client than a host).

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