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Unable to do clean install

tl1942tl1942 Member Posts: 93
Hi there!
I recently finished the main quest in BGEE (70 hours) with mods, and I'd like to do a completely clean re-install.

- I'm using the Steam version of BGEE with SOD.
- I uninstalled the game via Steam, deleted the game folder in Steamapps and deleted the folder in My Documents.
- Reinstalled via Steam.
- When I click "Play" on Steam, it shows that it's loading, then it just stops and shows the "Play" button again. The game never loads.
- I validated files/game cache multiple times, but this doesn't help at all.

My guess is that previously installed mods are still somehow messing things up...but I have no idea what to do.

I just want a 100% clean install *from scratch*. How do I do this?

EDIT: Even cleaned my registry...uninstalled again(!)..... No matter what I do, the game simply does not launch now.

EDIT #2: Even moved it to a different folder. Still doesn't work...

EDIT #3: I started to think maybe there was an issue with cloud saves (maybe Steam was looking for saves that didn't exist), so I restarted Steam in Offline mode. Didn't help.

At this point, I don't even mind losing 70+ hours in my savegame.... I just want to be able to *start the game* so I can play Siege of Dragonspear. If I can't even start the game after multiple clean installs, then I don't know what to do (other than get a refund for SOD).

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