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iOS - NWN:EE crashs when trying to save / autosave

Everytime I try to save the Game, or when the Game tries to autosave I experience a crash on my IPad Pro. A message appears stating „A fatal error has been encountered“ and the Game closes. In the Save folder, a directory with the name of the Save is created, but the folder is empty. Can it be some kind of a permission problem?

There is also a strange resolution bug. Sometimes i cannot click on the last button in the interface. When I bring the game to the background and then back to the foreground, everything is fine again.

I reinstalled NWN:EE, no Mods or manipulating the config files, but nothing changed.

I reported the Save bug two weeks ago, but so far I only received an automatic reply it was sent. At least one person on the Apple Store reported the save bug, too. So it might be rare, but it is there... :smile:

I appreciate Input, thanks...


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