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Summary of BG3's Setting?

My google-fu has been pretty weak this morning. That or the very few articles, including wikis, that I'm finding have very little to say on the matter. I'm basically looking for a summary (canon) of what has happened in the 100 years since the BG novels and what took place within Descent Into Avernus.


  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,232
    Thanks for the write-up! While some parts of it made the DM in me utterly cringe, it was very informative. :)

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,009
    "I know what will make a good sequel! Let's invalidate the entire series before it! I'm a genious!"
    -Some idiot at WotC

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,221
    edited November 2020
    The closest thing we have to a definitive source for all things Forgotten Realms timeline (The Grand History of the Realms) states that everything from the start of BG1 to the defeat of Yaga-Shura took place in 1368. There is no mention of any events related to the Bhaalspawn in 1369.

    The Novels (ugh) take place in 1368, including (as far as I can see while quickly skimming through it now) Shadows of Amn (which starts in the late summer of the "Year of the Banner" aka 1368).

    Throne of Bhaal also starts in Marpenoth, 1368, as absurd as that may be.

    This is however supported by what is said in the Grand History of the Realms.

    I would say we don't have a clear and consistent answer for what year these events took place in.

    Especially when you consider that Murder in Baldur's Gate states that these events occurred "nearly a century ago" even though that adventure is set in 1482. So it would be more than a century.

    Even the Baldur's Gate games have never been consistent on this. Baldur's Gate 1 originally was actually set in 1370, which was supported in letters and in Sarevok's original journal (as well as several events referenced in the game like the fall of Zhentil's Keep and the uprisings in the south of Amn). Then Baldur's Gate 2 was released and declared to be 1369. Forcing Baldur's Gate 1 to be retconned.

    Then of course the Throne of Bhaal expansion was released. But it starts of Mirtul 2, 1369, even though that is the same starting date as Shadows of Amn.

    So in short... we shouldn't pretend for a second that there is consistent canon here.

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