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adding walk command

Hello. I'm trying to set up some kind of script to allow a command to force walk. Not all races can use search mode to slow down their speed and using shift click to walk is annoying. has a walk command but it still plays the running animation when moving at a reduced speed. Also, would it be possible to edit the way the commands work in that script so that instead of using something like /emo sit to sit i could just type /sit and it would perform the same function? thanks.


  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 861
    If you're talking about PCs moving under player control, I don't think you can force the walk animation.

    For NPCs (and PCs following a cutscene script) the ActionMove# functions allow you to specify Walk or Run.

    /sit is very possible, just edit the module chat event script.

  • JFKJFK Member Posts: 213
    If you're trying to walk your PC around, I think it now defaults to walk instead of run in Development. It's switchable too, I think (set it to Click+SHIFT to walk, or Click+SHIFT to run). Since I use WASD in Drive mode to move my PC around, I've always mapped the keys so W is walk forward, and S is run forward. Z is run backward, by the way.

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