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EET mod setup tool download links fix (30+mods)

Find some mod download link in EET mod setup tool is not working, so did a quick fix by add new download links that can be read by the program.

i know nothing about C++or Java so i just simply edited the mod.ini and set it to read only.

Warning: Everytime u open EET mod setup tool, it will overwrite all the ini files and reset to invalid download links, so i set mod.ini to read only.

This are the mod list that updated download links

Keeping Yoshimo
Improved Archer Kit
Banter Accelerator for Enhanced Edition games
Chaos Sorcerer Kit
Spellsword Custom Kit (New)
Golem Construction for Spellcasters
Trials of the Luremaster
Ajantis BG1 Expansion
Ajantis NPC for BG2
All Things Mazzy (New)
Animus: Sentient Weapon
Boards o' Magick Item Pack
Chloe NPC
CoM Encounters
Cowled Menace (New)
Unholy Gate Opening Ritual Book
Send NPCs to an Inn
Tactics EE
Full Plate and Packing Steel
igi's Spell System Adjustments (New)
Jan's Extended Quest (New)
Lucy the Wyvern
Petsy Chattertone NPC
Ulrien Of Cormyr, Saga Master(All link Failed)
Sarevok Romance
Varshoon an Illithid NPC
Wizard Slayer Rebalancing

Mod not be find on the internet
Rjali Romance (New)
Eternal Imoen

The forum that upload this two mods are fail to visit, so they are not available for download in any mean.IF any of u got this 2mods u can upload to the internet and share ur download links.


  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,301
    @Karl_Franz please take this down. I am not sure what you are trying to offer but the links in your "fixed" list are just as wrong as in the EE Setup Tool itself. For example, Vynd and Tyris Flare are G3 mods, the links in your list go to somewhere (Dropbox and Roxanne's GitHub site - really?); Shadows over Soubar has an official EET compatible version, you link to Roxanne's, etcpp.
    On top all links go to specific releases so even if this list would be helpful, it would be outdated in no time.
  • Karl_FranzKarl_Franz Member Posts: 7
    edited November 2020
    Hi, @jastey, thx for ur replies.The download link first source, i get it straight from the mod.ini link provided.

    Because many mods didn't mention author, this is the quickst way. i just fix the problem that they could not be download by the program itself. If u want to put all the author behind the mod description, that will be fanstastic, or u maybe text EET mod setup tool author to do so?

    Because the download links are provided by the program author, they must be compatible as the mod was requested and tested by people to used in EET. So the compatible issues shoulnd't be a problem.

    But, apparently some mod links are outdated and didn't use mod author's Official release link, so when i use that links to find the download links, there may not be the newest one.

    U mentioned i used alot of dropbox and Roxanne's Github site, the EET mod setup tool mod.ini contains about 200-300+mods download links,and about 140-160+mods are using dropbox and Roxanne's download links, so i don't see why it is a problem? Really? I test all the 300+mods download links to find out which links is invaild to download,and the mod list i got is the result.

    But about the availability, it did concern's me , i don't know how long it would Last. but i think valid links is better than Invaild links,or perhaps people could find a eternal download links, that would be good.

    All the download links must be straight pop up download, otherwise it wouldn't readed by the program when it launch download progress. This fix just for those people that bothered by the download progress when they have select all the mod they wish to install and don't have to install it manually with out the compatibility check EET mod setup tool provided. :)
  • masteralephmasteraleph Member Posts: 210
    edited November 2020
    @Karl_Franz The creator of the EET Setup Tool, Roxanne, stole a number of people's mods and made unauthorized changes and mirrors to them. Roxanne is also banned here due to multiple instances of sockpuppetry. You really should delete this, because you are offering unauthorized versions of them. Many of the links for mods can be found around here, and if not here than at G3, PPG, or SHS, and if you need/want a manager then Project Infinity will work perfectly. well.
  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,301
    @Karl_Franz the links in the EE Setup Tool are wrong for a lot of mods. It's doesn't matter whether these links download mod packages or not, the problem is that it's inofficial mod versions. It's not a miracle to find out who the original mod authors are, and also not where the original mods are hosted. The modding forum is full of threads with mod links.
    And for EET, this is the real link list with links ot the original mod versions. Do not trust Roxanne's, for what @masteraleph said.
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