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Thoughts/Review of Dark Dreams of Furiae

DhariusDharius Member Posts: 476
edited November 2020 in General Discussions NWN:EE
Just completed the game.

Pros: a very well written game in terms of text/dialogue - it isn't or needn't be combat driven which is a big plus. I definitely got the feel of being in the Outlands with the outsiders being as well represented as possible in terms of their speech and background. The investigation and sleep sequences progress well and each game allows for a different strand to pursue - which enhances replayability. The henchmen are a good range of classes which is helpful. I completed it using a human rogue/cleric who used his ingenuity (and UAI skills) to great effect - and I had to THINK about how to get past the harder combats/situations which was a refreshing change.

The soundtrack is also new and is excellent - a great change from the OC and major expansions. The additional graphics between scenes, while not perfect in quality are reasonably done.

The Sewers and Undercity are a good final dungeon to explore - some of the areas are well done (but I'd like to see a few more traps and secret doors to keep me on my toes) and contrast well with the first half of the game walking around the city itself.

The main Pro is the quality of storytelling which mixes the Planescape and FR (at least I think it's supposed to be FR, rather than , say, Greyhawk) settings well. The quests are quite engaging and contrast well with the ones you find in say SOU or HOTU in terms of pace.

Cons: there are many unfinished aspects of the game programming which are very evident and need to be fixed in future (any?) updates, notably:

* Henchmen dialogues do not change at all when they're in the party. This means that you can't change their tactics or make use of their skills or buffing spells. For instance you find a Bard early in the game whose Lore/Identify, Bard Song and Spells would be useful outside combat, but you never get the chance to ask him to use them.

* Henchmen Inventories are not accessible at all, as in the OC, and they do not progress in level as you do. These issues aren't game changers but considering this is possible in SOU and HOTU you'd hope they'd be included.

* Henchmen AIs could be better. For example the gnome wizard you find rarely casts offensive spells and prefers to use his crossbow, luckily he's quite good at it :)

* The final combat is VERY scrappily made - I encountered a bug where the main villain when beaten instead of giving their final rant spoke with a henchman and DISMISSED them so they disappeared, breaking the game because the dialogue couldn't progress further. Fortunately it didn't happen on a reload. There are no major bonuses for defeating the final bosses, just some minor loot and no extra XP - but I did get a nice +5 dagger on the boss's final major surviving acolyte (a female spellcaster I think), which was good I suppose, but I never got the chance to use or sell it!

* Once you decide the fate of Furiae at the end, you're just stuck in an empty room to export your character, no extra XP, nothing. AND the curse that the boss put on your character in the game which reduced Constitution is STILL ACTIVE. Not good. It would have been good if we could have been allowed to go back into Furiae City to meet the merchants again at least before we export, if only to sell the tons of loot we find in the Undercity (some of it is quite powerful and valuable).

* Some merchants/innkeepers sell a variety of items which is not obvious from their dialogues (you think you're buying a meal or drink from them and instead get access to a store inventory which looked like it was ripped directly from the NWN OC, which actually is quite useful in the circumstances) - the dialogue should be changed to show that they are selling useful items, not food. Worse still, the Appraise skill seemed to have no effect on some of these merchants, which indicates their scripts/AI are unfinished. Again, not a game changer, but noticeable. The merchants also seem to sell many items which are TOO EXPENSIVE to buy (and therefore inaccessible) during the course of the game given the amount of starting gold you have and the loot you find (unless you're lucky to find that +5 dagger I mentioned earlier in the game...which I think would have been possible if I'd chosen a different story arc...). This indicates a bit of an imbalance between gold available and items available in the stores, which should be fixed.

* A few areas, notably some of the inns in the City and some areas of the Undercity have large empty spaces and locked doors that can't be accessed in any way...not a major problem but it feels as though they are unfinished. Luckily this has no major impact on the overall game.

* Some containers are physically inaccessible and have to be destroyed to access the loot they contain, especially in the city. In the game's final room there's a barrel which has a DC of 100 to unlock, can't be unlocked with the Knock spell and can't be destroyed. No key opens it either. I suspect it's a bug or was put there for a laugh.

All in all despite the glaring errors and scrappy finish on the end scene and the henchmen AI, I really enjoyed it. I like the fact that the fate of the city rests in your hands and choices. It kept me occupied for about a day, which was fine for £1.99, and there is some replay-ability to try the different story arcs/areas. I'd give it 7/10 because of the Pros overall.



  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 476
    edited November 2020
    Ps to clarify - if you read the history of Furiae in the Guvners’ Office archives you learn that the city originated from the continent Oerik on Oerth, meaning that this is in fact a Greyhawk/Planescape crossover...not that it matters much as the game takes place in the Outlands which connects with all Alternate Prime planes (or all the inhabited planets within the same Prime, depending on how you see it).

    While this is all fairly irrelevant, it did make me look up Greyhawk on Wikipedia and read about its history in the REAL world, so that was nice.

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