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"Maybe this time" [NO-RELOAD THREAD]: "The Tale of TEN THOUSAND Trials"



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    Grond0 wrote: »
    ...but I did start making a bit of use of Nature's Beauty. ... The huge advantage of that is you can cast it without breaking invisibility...

    That seems like a bit of a flavor fail. How are they supposed to look upon you and suffer when they can't see you?
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    Indeed, all shaman spirits have the same immunity item as magical swords. No charm, stun, fear, hold, psionics, or Int drain. Also no poison or backstabs, from a different immunity item. There's really nothing illithids can do against them except for melee damage, and they're very bad at that.
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    jmerry wrote: »
    Indeed, all shaman spirits have the same immunity item as magical swords. No charm, stun, fear, hold, psionics, or Int drain. Also no poison or backstabs, from a different immunity item.

    One of the spirits did get mazed. Is that a spell then, rather than a psionic effect?
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    Sorry about your Rangers and Thieves @Jabberwock. I've enjoyed your posts and I like these themed runs. I'm sure I'll also enjoy reading about whichever of the two parties you choose to go with next (with a slight preference for the Wild Mage).
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    Gate70 wrote: »
    We braved the interior of the tower next, but Grue found his salamander form problematic in talking to Kirinhale the succubus (or it might have just been a poor dialogue selection).

    No 'might' about it ;).
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    Trio 29, Core rules, unmodded (Part 1 2 3 4 in BG:EE and 5 6 7 in BGII:EE)
    Loury - male, human undead hunter (Gate70)
    Swish - male, dwarf swashbuckler (Grond0)
    Corecleric - male, halfling priest of Lathander (Corey_Russell)

    Loury reminded himself the first action should be to hand in the necklace of Talos to Mae'Var. That no doubt will lead to further work but he has a few more items that he wants to collect this session.
    - Corecleric is looking as though the Flail of Ages +3 might suit him, with a Shield of Harmony
    - Swish could probably step right into Mae'Var's boots, and Belm might be a nice offhand weapon
    - The ring of Gaxx is tempting. We don't have any Protection from Undead scrolls (1 at spell store 2 at Ribald 1 at Lady Yuth in the Promenade, 2 at temple of Ilmater in the slums, 2 at temple of Helm in Bridge district, 2 each at temples of Helm Lathander and Talos mean 14 so 8 more than we would safely require).

    Corecleric could probably throw his unenchanted and +1 bullets away now he has the Sling of Seeking.

    Oh well. Let's see what happens thinks Loury as he waits for Swish and Corecleric to ready themselves.

    Our first task is to hand in the amulet to Mae'Var who then tells us to speak to Edwin who in turn wants us to kill Rayic Gethras. Loury is a bit sceptical about this but Corecleric has his set of 'anti-mage buffs' to hand and all proceeds very smoothly so we soon have our thiefs feet ensconced in Mae'Var's boots.

    Loury has a plan to save time acquiring scrolls of protection from undead - he heads to the Helm temple as Corecleric goes to the Lathander one and Swish goes to the Talos temple. This is a masterplan with no flaw. Right up until Swish shouts that the Talosians have turned in for an early night so we rest 12 hours and purchase her scrolls in the wee hours of the morning.

    With six scrolls we use three of them on the temple lich and gulp an oil of speed each. Then we race over to the city gates and deal with the lich there - making sure Swish picks up the Daystar longsword. From there we continue on to the Bridge district and destroy that lich before ending up in Kangaxx's tomb. Swish and Corecleric apply a second protection from undead (despite Corecleric saying his original was still active we convince him it is not) and then we kill Kangaxx.
    With that done we set straight off to the De'Arnise keep (after selling anything we don't want to take). As experienced adventurers there is nothing there we should fear, although the charmed captain of the guard Glaicus has to be approached from the shadows so Loury and Corecleric leave this to Swish.

    Who nearly pays for this with his life as Glaicus is like a dog with a bone and initially refuses to stop chasing Swish. He eventually switches to Loury before being held and our swashbuckler is left with a sliver of life. Such pain is the reward for killing many of the trolls (Loury being too lazy to switch to arrows so Swish having to alternate between melee and ranged weapons.
    Loury refuses the company of Nalia after she refuses his impromptu proposal (if only that would teach him to stop clicking '1' without considering what he will then say).

    We move on from the de'Arnise keep to Trademeet (Corecleric having changed from the Ashideena warhammer to the Flail of Ages +3 before we had faced Tor'Gal). A group of Dao Djinn are problematic for the townsfolk but Corecleric has an army of undead to turn the tables on them.
    The trolls at the nearby druid grove get a mix of flail and arrow, Loury even bothering to switch to arrows occasionally.

    Swish offhands the Belm scimitar to become quicker with his main hand, and Loury takes care not to step inside a dwelling in case the sweet old lady inside is revealed as another tiger-headed abominiation. Instead we continue past Cernd to kill another trio of druids despite one of their call lightning spells badly wounding Swish. Loury and Corecleric are having an easy day which suits them, while Swish is getting badly injured from time to time - and that seems to suit him.
    We double back and invite Cernd to snack on Faldorn, and afterwards he tries to rejoin the party. Oh no says Loury, I said the wrong thing earlier and having you in the party for seven seconds was too long for comfort. Be off with you.

    We head back to Trademeet to collect our reward, and to deal a final blow to Rejiek Hidesman. We also stop a dispute between two families by stiffing them both and handing in a heirloom to the mayor. We're done with Trademeet so next stop will be Umar Hills.

    The tasks around Umar don't take us too long at all and the evidence there means our path continues on to nearby temple ruins. We just have enough time to believe Anath is not the source of the problem and to use Turn Undead x2 to scare and pop various shadows before saving descent into the temple for another day.

    Party levels, kills, and items:

    Loury Undead Hunter level 11 has 231 kills
    Swish Swashbuckler level 14 has 127 kills
    Corecleric Priest of Lathander level 13 has 81 kills


    Loury sneaks a peek at his companions. Corecleric still has both lots of aforementioned bullets - just sell or drop them, and sell the Wyvern's Tail morning star too. As for Swish, there is clearly a lot of prep work going on around a golem manual, shortbow and flesh armour being useful far into the future.

    (Loury being a paladin, he overlooks the 200lb of illithium he palmed-off to Corecleric and the Ilbratha shortsword that we may never use)
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    Gate70 wrote: »
    Loury sneaks a peek at his companions. Corecleric still has both lots of aforementioned bullets - just sell or drop them, and sell the Wyvern's Tail morning star too. As for Swish, there is clearly a lot of prep work going on around a golem manual, shortbow and flesh armour being useful far into the future.

    Corecleric, being a wily old veteran, knows that equipping bullets on top of the sling means damage is the sum of that from the sling and the bullet (and if the bullets are enchanted they add to the THAC0 as well). Of course he's far too polite to contradict his leader, so leaves doing that to the party member able to quickly duck into the shadows to avoid any stray sword swings :p.
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    Gate70/Grond0 multiplayer attempt 213, Core rules + unmodded (Part 1 2 3)
    Thredbehr (male dwarf barbarian, Gate70); Grue (male half elf Avenger, Grond0)

    We quickly recap, are both nearing our final level and have reached the city of Baldur's Gate.
    There is time to pick up a cloak from Quenash and kill a greater doppelganger after killing an ogre mage and emptying the Seven Suns of doppelgangers. Then it's on to the Iron Throne headquarters where Thredbehr goes for melee and Grue goes for insects, and a successful chromatic orb petrification.

    That's enough for us to be sent back to Candlekeep, where Grue warns Thredbehr about a web but the barbarian has equipped a ring of free action.
    Only a few feet further Thredbehr is admiring his mighty DUHM + enraged physique when Grue casually mentions even more hit points would have been available with potions of heroism or power. Quite.
    Prat and his gang are nullified by insect bites, while we experiment with glow-in-the-dark greater basilisks.




    Having fought our way out of the Candlekeep catacombs we make our way back into the city and liven up the Coronation.
    Having foiled Sarevok's attempt to kill off the remaining dukes we chase him into the nearby thieves maze. Here we are admiring our nifty footwork where we only set off one lightning trap and one fireball trap.
    We avoid Rahvin and his gang, before entering the once-abandoned temple of Bhaal. Thredbehr successfully hits Sarevok with an arrow of dispelling but this means Semaj and Tazok are able to join in th fight. Thredbehr continues a running fight as Grue dooms Sarevok and adds web plus insects into the fray.

    After a little while both Semaj and Tazok lie dead, and we can focus on Sarevok. He is webbed a few times but Thredbehr has been wounded in combat and sticks to arrows initially before closing in for the kill.


    For a change we take the longer route to Melissan, and import ourselves to a Siege of Dragonspear campaign. Thredbehr is a bit miffed as he forgot to debag various items but Grue seems unperturbed. Fine, we'll make do and we have the golden pantaloons. Our first task is to get rid of the ever optimistic group of joiners who have tagged along. Toodle-pip.
    We make steady progress, Thredbehr noticing with astonishment that Grue is using the Flaming Fist healer to keep us healthy. This means we don't need to rest.

    At one point a shadowed soul is problematic as it keeps moving so Thredbehr can only almost kill it several times. Eventually he switches to arrows and kills it immediately.

    Grue uses his webs to simplify combat against the undead guardian and a group of mercenaries. Thredbehr has to ask the healer to remove a level-drain from a wraith that crept up invisible on him, and then we show Korlasz no mercy. With her dead we grab her book and leave.

    At the Ducal palace we have a good night's rest and retrieve our equipment ready for next time:

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