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House rules to reignite the fire

StopTouchingMeStopTouchingMe Member Posts: 8
edited November 2020 in Challenges and Playthroughs
Hi all,

I've been playing this game on and off for 20 years, and am still enjoying it ! Lately though, i've been struggling to find rules and mods to spark the same emotions as when i first started, since I know the game so well. You know, the "oh shit a wolf can kill me !" or the "I hope that bastard has good loot !".

I finally find a setup that is truly thrilling again, and am having an absolute blast. I figured i'll share it here, since others probably encountered the same challenge.

First off, I play convenience reloads LoB+SCS+ascension. On top of that, i found a few house rules that really add the old bg flavor :
- Double damage taken activated
- Monster increase in number and respawn every 16h.
- SCS has all max annoying settings for the whole saga (including the infamous "every eligible npc has HLA")
- Item randomizer (big change. No more "i'll just rush that item and then autowin every battle)
- npc project (adds a few nice items, but overall doesn't change the balance too much)
- No recharging wands and trinkets
- No summons spells, trinkets, or wands (this is huge if, like me, you would just summon 5 skeletons and clear the map. Really nice change). I can only cast summoning spells from charmed npc.
- I play with convenience reloads : no party member death reloads, no combat reloads, no learning spell reload, but stuff like mod bugs or Melicamp dying makes kill my thunder so i reload. Also if a key canon npc gets chunked - namely Imoen, jaheira, minsc - (annoying that no mods prevents that), I finish the fight, then reload and kill him properly at the start of the fight and win it again with the rest of the party.
- Every party member has the same bag of holding, potion case, ammo belt and scroll case. Since they are connected, it makes micro management far less tedious. I shave 500 gp off my total for every item. (BAG31, BAG03_, BAG06_, BAG05)
- no xp cap
- Angelo mod
- No weather. I've already died with random lighting time and again !

I'm a powergamer but i also like the flavor play, so i'm playing a canon party customized into builds that make sense to me, with stats i did roll :
- Fire-edge, human Kensai 18 > Mage (yeah this is gonna be tough to build) but for now, throwing daggers, the claw, boots of avoidance FTW
- Imoen, human priest of tyr > mage (acclamation is nice for minsc "oh shit" button)
- Minsc, dwarf dwarven defender with twinkle and shield.
- Jaheira, human berserker > druid
- any thief
- Dynaheir, human skald
- Angelo, human kensai > thief
- Sarevok, tbd

I died 3 times before reaching 32k exp, so this is my fourth run, heading for the bandit camp. Montaron and shar-teel got chunked, safana is in the middle of a thousand hobgoblins elite and wandering sirens since i looted the cave under invisibility so thieves are in short supply. If your last playthrough left you a bit bored, try this setup and let me know what you think !



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