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What mods would people want for this game?



  • lujolujo Member Posts: 236
    As for combat mods:

    I'm very much in favor of any mod which would make at least Undersigil more interesting to replay endlessly. The "early glabrezu" tweak mentioned above would be a good place to start. Taking into account the very important matter of XP!

    Then after that someone really ought to sit down and make a bunch of combat encounters that could spawn there in place of the Trelons, the cow and possibly even some of the Larval Worms even if it would give less XP. Groups with ranged attackers of some sort and spellcasters prefferably.

    And by all means some sort of undead in undersigil (like those mid-level shadows that kind of only ever show up in one area otherwise and really could use more love). Just to make being a dustman not so lame (you get to be a dustman AFTER you're likely done with most of the undead you'll meet).


    Also, a mod which would make enemies hit whoever is the closest. There seems to be somethingwrong and odd with the way they pick targets.

  • AquadrizztAquadrizzt Member Posts: 1,018
    @lujo, I definitely agree that combat (even "hard" fights) feels pretty incidental and meaningless, especially in Undersigil where it's just "I am killing these things until I get the one item that I want". When the game was released, I was thinking about making a procedurally-generated dungeon using the Modron Maze support code, but it turns out it's just hardcoded enough to prevent this kind of tampering.

  • lujolujo Member Posts: 236
    edited January 2018
    Well, the first step towards at least a more interesting Undersigil has been done - it's perfectly possible to make it "un-explore" itself.

    I suppose the next step is making some more interesting combat encounters than just the Larval Worms and the Trelons for it. And I'm puzzled by the Trelons even appearing since Nearinfinity is showing me only Larval Worms on that map.

    There's a problem with combat, among others, and that's that spellcasters are just too easily destroyed by Morte's Litany of Curses and even more by just Swarm Curse. Which is a seriously overpowered spell in too many ways.


    It's also very likely possible to make whichever area a resettable mini-roguelike, Trash Warrens, Tenentment of Thugs, Drowned Nations, even Ravel's Maze I suppose. I mean, it's certainly possible because Undersigil exists, and even transforms what its spawns are at one point in the game.

    Combat scenarios can be added to PST, and can be made fun enough. Undersigil's problem is that it's encounters are boring.

  • thatsciencegeekthatsciencegeek Member Posts: 4
    edited January 2018
    OK, great points, I definitely second the lack of interesting combat opportunities in the game. That said, I think at least having the early glabrezu tweak would be a step forward.
    Is anyone willing to help? Where can I request help with modding it in, please?

  • AquadrizztAquadrizzt Member Posts: 1,018
    edited March 2018
    I definitely think PST has the potential to have more interesting combat (I was eyeing a couple different systems including maybe adapting 5e mechanics to this).

    Another mod I've been toying with while I fight with Undivided is a mod that messes with Fell's Tattoos. The tattoos you buy from Fell would be permanent (unless you paid a hefty fee to Fell to remove them), but would offer more powerful and interesting bonuses to compensate. I'd also fill in tattoos for more of the choices you can make through the game (e.g. if there's a tattoo for kissing Ravel, there should be a tattoo for kissing Annah, etc.), as well as tattoos for Dak'kon and Vhailor and for various resolutions of other quests.

    Some examples I've been toying with:
    - Tattoo of Vhailor (Tattoo of the Vengeful Spirit?): +1 proficiency in Axes, bonus damage against Chaotic
    - Tattoo of Ignus (Tattoo of the Smoldering Corpse): immunity to fire damage, +25% elemental damage, -1 Cha
    - Tattoo of Xachariah (Tattoo of the Blind Archer): passive detect invisibility in a small radius

    TNO could have up to 4 tattoos (3 tattoo slots + 1 chest tattoo) and your followers could have one or two minor ones.

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  • QueegonQueegon Member Posts: 363
    edited March 2018


    Yes. Yes to all. Please.

    Also while you are at it, I wrote something far back in this thread or similar one as a request - Vhailor has a bracelet slot and there is exactly zero bracelets that he can wear in that slot. They are either living-only or chaotic. Could you possibly take the extra time and balance that slot too? :)

    Vhailor can use any axes you can find. Would be terrific, if at least one was an ok alternative to his own (like the one given by Glabrezu upon freeing - an ok axe, but not really an alternative as his is the strongest currently). Possibly Celestial Fire Axe, if the LG req was cut down to just L.

    Teeth for Morte - Ingress' are the only one worth getting.

    Wouldn't mind a super-sledge somewhere. Hammers look perfect and are a terrible choice for a fighter TNO.

    Generally adding/modding some items that would appeal to an Evil TNO - the best items are LG only.

  • AquadrizztAquadrizzt Member Posts: 1,018
    @Queegon, getting the existing items to a better state would be first priority. More items is definitely on the table. (I really want to add a Hand of Vecna that can be used in tandem with the Eye of Vecna, albeit with heavy penalties.)

  • GuboGubo Member Posts: 59
    Yeah I agree with Queegon. I am pretty sure I also asked in this thread for more thief & fighter items in general. Can't remember if I mention more evil items as well but that is also a good idea!

  • Dark_AnsemDark_Ansem Member Posts: 974
    Switfch PC model with TTT? And / OR buff him so that the final battle, if we choose for it to happen... is not a letdown!

  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 752
    I'd like PST:EE content in EET as a crossover.

  • TotsTots Member Posts: 1
    edited November 2019
    I would really like to see a conversion/port of Tchos' portrait mod ( for PST:EE, as someone said in this thread already, the 3D portraits didn't age well at all, so if someone is up to the task that would be awesome.

  • 11302101130210 Member Posts: 381
    MORE WEAPONS WITH UNIQUE STORIES. I want more weapons, new punch daggers, new axes, new (regular) daggers, and all weapons in between.

    I always felt like Beamdog should have added more, but I remember they weren't allowed to mess with the game.

  • jdavonte916jdavonte916 Member Posts: 2
    i want a mod suggestion one where you can kill that prick lothar oh more spells for mage class would be nice like summoning spells that actually summon

  • stkrautstkraut Member Posts: 3
    i found a mod on (Splattner) with some sets of armor (Mercykiller, Godsman...), but it is only working correct for the vanilla and not PST:EE. Is there any mod for PST:EE like that?

  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 2,625
    I think everyone would like more combat opportunities. It's funny, because combat in PS:T has always been surprisingly deep, there are lot of hidden mechanics that will basically never see use because you just aren't fighting enough.

    And, of course, more RP opportunities. People fear to write for PS:T as if their inferior dialogue will defile a holy site but I don't think it should be that way.

  • IseweinIsewein Member Posts: 403
    Tots wrote: »
    I would really like to see a conversion/port of Tchos' portrait mod ( for PST:EE, as someone said in this thread already, the 3D portraits didn't age well at all, so if someone is up to the task that would be awesome.

    What would have to be done in order to make it compatible with EE?

  • BCaesarBCaesar Member Posts: 345
    I'd love the option for a female Nameless one. I'd make it myself but the animations pose a hurdle. I suppose could just give him the Female Ghoul animation (or Ghoul Queen Acaste) but there wouldn't be weapon animations and you'd have to make new small portraits and stuff like that.

  • MiraStastnyMiraStastny Member Posts: 803
    No, the biggest hurdle is that the dialogues and story just wouldn't fit anymore, not even with minor rewrites and not even assuming Deionarra, Ravel and Annah are all bisexual.

  • BCaesarBCaesar Member Posts: 345
    No, the biggest hurdle is that the dialogues and story just wouldn't fit anymore, not even with minor rewrites and not even assuming Deionarra, Ravel and Annah are all bisexual.

    Hah, how much of a hurdle that is depends on how much one is willing to write :smile: . In my case the art is an insurmountable obstacle, but writing is not.

    I decided the easiest thing would be to re-write the game with Fall From Grace as Player1 (and the Nameless one as an NPC you have to have in your party). The basic coding concept seems to work. I should be done in ten years or so.

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