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([BG1] Dialogue Fix) Ivanne looping dialogue.

BalquoBalquo Member, Developer Posts: 2,746
edited November 2012 in Fixed
Saw this mentioned from @Humanoid_Taifun on one of the master threads. Basically his dialogue loops and you hear the same story over and he takes your 10 gold each time you talk to him :D

If you wanna prevent the loop you could always add the code below:
If you don't want to add additional dialogue then just ignore the APPEND and use the rest but then when you talk to him after the story he would just have "he has nothing to say" which looks rubbish.

<<<<<<<< ivanne.d APPEND ivanne IF ~Global("IvanneStoryTold","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN BEGIN extra1 SAY ~(Placeholder) That be all the tales I be tellin' right now. Come again and perhaps there be a tale awaitin'.~ IF ~~ EXIT END END ADD_TRANS_ACTION ~ivanne~ BEGIN 5 END BEGIN END ~SetGlobal("IvanneStoryTold","GLOBAL",1)~ REPLACE_TRIGGER_TEXT ivanne ~True()~ ~Global("IvanneStoryTold","GLOBAL",0)~ >>>>>>>> COMPILE ~ivanne.d~

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