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Another delay inevitable?

So we're less than a day from launch, and there's been no news on the game. Anywhere. Prior to a games launch there are usually several indicators that the product is complete. I think it's worth addressing at this point, and hopefully we can get some feedback soon.

1) The most obvious point; no announcement that the game is complete. Prior to most launches, it's pretty standard to get an announcement that the product has gone gold and no further changes are being made to the core product. This is usually the point where developers start doing other stuff, such as DLC. Unless you're capcom.

2) Media are often provided with a pre-release review edition of the game, which contains all features but in some cases may be somewhat unstable. This allows the media time to adequetly assess the game and write up reviews. I've heard no rumblings of any review sites having been provided with their review products, and a review launching just prior to launch helps build the hype machine.

3) Beamdog have previously stated they are aiming for same date multiplatform release. This presents major issues for a small studio due to the nature of bug quashing on multiple platforms. A single bug on any platform means a delay across the board, regardless of the state of the product on other platforms.

4) This has happened before back in sept, with just as little notice to the customers.

Now I'm 100% behind a developers decision to delay a release to further polish a product. Take as long as you need to make the game as good as possible. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and if a delay will lead to a better product, then by all means, delay. More positive press about a game directly correlates with higher sales, and higher sales means the developer can bankroll more future products. It is possible a delay may lead to core fans grumbling a little bit, but the reality is they've already pre-purchased the product, and their money is already secured. Regardless of their initial reaction, in the end it's likely they will be thankful for a better game.

That being said, we live in an age where instant and global communication is achievable with the click of a button. The developers have a fully functional forum (sidenote: the forum technology on this site is hands down the best I've ever seen!), twitter accounts, email to subscribers, etc. Going completely dark so close to launch is downright negligent, and very disconcerting to the fans.

I know you guys are busy, I know you aren't sleeping much and I know you need coffee. I know you need a hug right now. But please, please, let us know what is happening! Do I need to make alternate plans this weekend?


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