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Can't enter buildings?

LoctaviusLoctavius Member Posts: 16
edited November 2012 in Windows PC (Archive)
So - maybe I'm stupid. I have the game running and I am in Candlekeep. I've talked to the tutors and whatnot, but I can not enter any buildings. The door opens, I get the icon with the arrow to go in, but left clicking or right clicking won't let me in any of the buildings, like the barracks to retrieve the sword for the guard. WTH?

Anyway, THANK YOU OVERHAUL! If I can figure out how to enter buildings, I will buy every Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, or Torment overhaul you produce, probably on multiple platforms. Baldur's Gate II is still the best game ever made, and I am BEYOND THRILLED that I am going to get to play it all over - just like it was new.


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