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1PP in BG:EE

ElectricMonkElectricMonk Member Posts: 599
I saw this on Trent Oster's twitter last night, and since nobody has yet posted a new discussion about it, I figured I would:

"Erephine has agreed to include the 1PP work into #bgee We're just trying to make it play nice with our setup."
-Trent Oster

I don't know about you guys, but this is very exciting news to me. I'm glad to hear that Erephine has agreed to include her work, I think that this will be a major improvement to the game. Some of you may not know what 1PP is, and so this is the description from the download page of the main component:

"This mod changes the paperdolls and (some of the) inventory icons of Baldur's Gate II to those of Baldur's Gate. There's a lot of content in Baldur's Gate 2 (especially in the ToB expansion) that simply doesn't live up to the artwork quality that Baldur's Gate offered -- the paperdolls are a good example. This mod aims to replace exactly these parts of the game with content that lives up to the quality we were used to from the original Baldur's Gate."

If you're interested in checking out the mod pages for yourself, I'll link them below:

One Pixel Productions v2
1ppv3: Avatar Fixes
1PPv3: Paperdolls (in progress)
1PPv3 Fixes: Avatar/Paperdoll Fix
1ppv3: Female Dwarves
1PP: Flaming Swords
1PPv3: Flaming short swords
1ppv3: Colourable Quarterstaves
1ppv3: Legacy Shields (D1)
1ppv3: Legacy Shields (D2)
1ppv3: Legacy Shields (D3)
1PPv3 Fixes: Medium Shield Fix
1pp: Attachable Wings
1ppv3: Extended Palette Entries
1ppv3: Thieves Galore

Also, for those of you interested in using this mod that prefer a simpler installation process, @cmorgan compiled 1PP v2 (the main component) with most of the v3 content into an easy installer, which can be found here:

1ppv2.70 - All current components

And finally, here's a sample, which can be found on the download link above as well:



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