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Using Shadowkeeper on iPad saves?

GadrenGadren Member Posts: 14
edited December 2012 in iPad (Archive)
So has anyone figured out how someone who DOESN'T have BG:EE installed on their PC, but does have it installed on their iPad can use a combination of iFunbox and Shadowkeeper to edit their save files?


  • lafhqlafhq Member Posts: 1
    Yes you can !. It works but i used a PC version to edit the seve game. Beware that the files have the right name.. My Baldur.gam had to be renamed to BALDUR.GAM.

  • frojasfrojas Member Posts: 9
    I have this working. I did the following:

    1) Find Baldur's Gate 1.0.1.ipa in your itunes library
    2) Copy this file somewhere as we will be modifying it
    3) Change the extension of the the copy to .zip
    4) Unzip the file
    5) Move stuff around so that the resulting files look like this:

    \Baldur\dialog.tlk (found in lang\en_US\dialog.tlk)
    \Baldur\save\ <- Copy your saves here

    6) Run Shadow Keeper and pointed it at \Baldur. It will complain that this was not a valid install, but it was able to do the right thing
    7) Use PhoneView or iFunBox or other iOS browser to find the save games the should be in \Baldur's Gate\Library\Save
    8) Copy a save game folder to \Baldur\Save
    9) Use ShadowKeeper to open the save
    10) Make your edits and save the game files
    11) *VERY IMPORTANT* ShadowKeeper will create a file called "Baldur.gam" inside of the directory for the new saved game. Rename it to "BALDUR.GAM". If you do not the ipad will not be able to open the save
    12) Copy the new saved game to the iPad.
    13) Profit!

  • jpowell612jpowell612 Member Posts: 7
    Sorry in advance for the series of noob questions I'm about to fire off...

    I have iFunBox, how do I find the Baldur's Gate 1.0.1.ipa file in step 1?

  • frojasfrojas Member Posts: 9
    edited December 2012

    Sorry in advance for the series of noob questions I'm about to fire off...

    I have iFunBox, how do I find the Baldur's Gate 1.0.1.ipa file in step 1?

    The .ipa file is in your iTunes library on your computer. You don't need ifunbox to get to it.

  • vjamesvvjamesv Member Posts: 2
    I did not have the ipa file in iTunes because I don't sync my apps to my computer. I was able to use iFunbox to get it though. In the iFunbox Classic window, open User Applications, then right click on Baldur's Gate, select Backup to ipa Package...

  • jpowell612jpowell612 Member Posts: 7
    Thanks vjam I was able to get the file that way and rename it as a zip. Now when I am looking at this:

    How do I make this mirror what is called for in step 5?

  • davemodavemo Member Posts: 147
    I used ifunbox to get the .ipa off my iPad, but I could not get shadowkeeper to work. I might have missed some steps. Maybe I'll try again. Or maybe I'll just finish my first play through first. .

  • GadrenGadren Member Posts: 14
    I just did it and it worked perfectly! Just follow Frojas' instructions!

  • vjamesvvjamesv Member Posts: 2
    Yes, just follow the instructions above exactly. I think I had to create the save directory and put my save folder in there, and maybe rename the script directory, and change the Baldur.gam to have all caps.

  • jpowell612jpowell612 Member Posts: 7
    After re-doing folders and pointing Shadow Keeper to the \Baldur directory this is the error I get: "Shadow Keeper was unable to read the text resource. Shadow Keeper must be able to find this file to work properly. Make sure the Installation Path has been set to the correct directory and restart Shadow Keeper."

    Here is what my \Baldur folder looks like:

    Any thoughts?

  • frojasfrojas Member Posts: 9
    Jpowell612 - Why are chitin.key and dialog.tlk folders? These are files that exist somewhere in the .ipa that you need to move to the top level directory.

  • jpowell612jpowell612 Member Posts: 7
    Doh! Working now, making a couple edits . Hopefully won't have trouble re-importing to iPad! Thanks!

  • jpowell612jpowell612 Member Posts: 7
    Golden! Thanks to all who helped, user error is the only thing between you and success...

  • phoenix73phoenix73 Member Posts: 2
    I'm trying this from my mac. I've moved the ipa file and extracted. I created the save folder and moved my save from my iPad. Shadowkeeper cannot find my saves though. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Any ideas?

  • phoenix73phoenix73 Member Posts: 2
    sorry, meant to say that it was moved from my mac to windows pc.

  • catch6229catch6229 Member Posts: 26
    Hi. I got this to work successfully once but I'm getting stuck on step 7. For some reason ifunbox no longer sees any sub folders under the baldurs gate app on my iPad. I'm wondering if this is because my px doesn't have Internet right now but I can't imagine that's the case. This might be a ifunbox problem anyone else experience this?

  • WowoWowo Member Posts: 2,058
    I've got shadowkeeper working but it can't see the save for whatever reason. Any ideas? This is using the above method and the EE version of keeper.

  • VilanceVilance Member Posts: 11
    So I managed to get the BGEE app packaged as an .ipa and dowloaded to my Win7 PC using funbox. I unzipped the app and arranged it moving the files into place, per the guidance above. Then I created my save folder and copied over my save directories from my ipad to PC save dir with funbox.

    When I launch EE Keeper it works as far as loading resources but does not see any of my saves, whether they are single player/MP or Black Pits S/MP saves.

    Any suggestions?

  • VilanceVilance Member Posts: 11
    edited May 2013
    So decided to manual this process. With this kind of editing I did stats. Did not try xp, gold, items, kits, thief skills. and so on but they are also available.

    WARNING: You must understand how to do some basic hex math to make this work in a sane or speedy manner.

    Step 1:
    Used IFunbox and copied over my character files (Library/characters/*.CHR) to my PC.
    See how to transfer save games from IPad sticky

    Step 2:
    Once there used HxD and edited the CHR file manually. I used this page as a guide to the file:
    NOTE: To use the above link just add 64 in hex to each value, as the CHR is the CRE file with 64 hex bits at the front (aka a header). The list of editable values is very extensive.

    Found that guide thanks to this link:

    Step 3: Back to ifunbox and replaced the files with the edited ones. Also HxD automatically backs up your .CHR files, if you are going to use another editor make sure you save the original before you upload.
    NOTE: Often the first time you load new CHR files in it may crash on the character inport selection screen

    Step 4: Create new single player game, add new character or use multiplayer version and add them.

    In theory you could use this method on existing characters in any multiplayer game.

    Hope this helps some people, After 2 hours of fighting with Shadowkeeper to use my BGEE Ipad app version I realized this method would probably work better for some character editing.

  • leomatheusleomatheus Member Posts: 9
    I could make it work using the original ShadowKeeper.
    (i.e., it found the resources and the savegames)

    With the new EEKeeper, first thing is that I didn't had to move stuff around, as it looked for the dialog file at the right folder. It loaded the resources fine, but them didn't find the savegames. Why could that be?

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    For those who are using Shadow Keeper and can't understand why EE Keeper won't do what Shadow Keeper used to: Please be sure that the save games are in Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition\save\. Which is where they are normally located with the standard Windows installation. The most likely place you have them is in the game directory (as @frojas mentioned Baldur\save\). If you have a folder called 'save', copy that to Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition\. If you don't have the Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition directory, you will need to create it manually.

    (In the future, I may make it so you can select the save game directory. Only problem I'm having right now is with all the options it could become cluttered.)

  • VilanceVilance Member Posts: 11
    So EEKeeper by default tries to load save games from C:\user\\Documents\... basically the user profile home?

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    @Vilance, yes. %C:\Users\[your name]\Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition is the default location on Windows. Since I never anticipated anyone bothering with it on Mac or iPad, I only made it compatible with the Windows version. I made a ticket for this on the SourceForge page, I will get around to implementing something for the next release :).

  • VilanceVilance Member Posts: 11
    @Troodoon80 Ty! I was wondering why I could export cre files and all the other functions in EEKeeper!

    Playing Kotor on ipad now, once I am done with that hopefully the rasaad loop will be fixed and I will finish my BGEE game.

    Wanted this functionality to test making changes to the default CRE files for the NPCs.

  • tootzytootzy Member Posts: 1
    i dont see an .ipa file, and changing the extention to .zip doesnt make it a zip file...what do i do? all i see on ifunbox is the file for baldur's gate..

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