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IcecreamtubIcecreamtub Member Posts: 547
edited December 2012 in Off-Topic
Hmm, for everyone playing FANTASY games, they sure do moan A LOT about it being far to "unrealistic". It's kinda bothering me a little, so now I'm ranting to the Forums (Not trying to intentionally start arguments, though I'm not naive enough to think this thread won't start one) :|


BG is to unrealistic. DoA is to unrealistic. Final Fantasy is to unrealistic. It's a freaking fantasy based game, if everything was realistic we'd all be playing Sims with swords and magic! Why must people never be satisfied with a game? There's being a critic, like myself and then there's being stupidly unreasonable and moaning about every detail. Hope is a sissy, Neera's magic is pointless, Sonic is to blue, Mario always saves Peach, Game's are just sold purely for money (Granted some could well be, I don't truly believe that every game's intention is to grab the money, though). That's how these arguments sound to me. Silly, childish and don't make a hell lot o' sense, to myself.


No, we can, we did, it's done, get over yourself. If people really don't like Characters having REALISTIC sexualities, then why moan about the game being unrealistic? Surely, the solution is to shut your own trap and just, oh I don't know, not go near the specified character? Or if the game's to "Gay" (Although this character's specific sexuality is actually Bisexual. Just a note for the flamers/complainers) for you, don't play it, perhaps? There are and always will be groups of Gamers, be it Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, Pan-sexual etc etc. Everyone deserves an equal bit of their likes/wants in a game, if it can be done. Why must people be so closed minded? It's a sexuality, in a game. What's it doing to you? I don't see anyone moaning because
Dorn's a Half-Orc
, or that he kills people. It's a game,
is NOT going to jump out of the screen and
you. I mean honestly guys, it's gotten to the point now where people have started flaming and jumping at threads (From what I've seen) that slightly mention a sexuality. Becoming beyond a joke and faster than bhatika fastpaws! I honestly don't see what the big problem is, myself. If someone, who flames the game for a sexuality, could please step forward and tell me?


In my honest opinion, honest, honest opinion, what was not given? Yes, granted, BG:EE has had a slow start, but it's still a very good game, even if some things are still not working properly for some. This matter, though, is quite clearly down to the lack of patience, to me. Things can be patched and fixed, people who expect a game to come out crystal clear and flawless, don't know how a game works. I don't think there is actually a game out there that exists which released perfectly, without a single flaw within? If so, do let me know. I'd buy it, just to shut myself up. Yes, Multiplayer isn't working. But, if you're moaning about that, did you initially check it's still in Beta? Yeah, the game got delayed two or so months, for reasons unknown to me. Doesn't mean everything should still be in full conditional working order, BG1 is a VERY buggy game. I mean, 14 years later it's still a big hassle to get working properly. They are retro games, they're worn out because technology has increased and the games have not. The companies are also restricted, a lot. They're trying their best to fix all the issues, it doesn't help to sass and demand your money back. You are, of course, allowed to do as you please, I can't physically stop anyone from doing anything. It's just not helping the situation, at all. I could understand the above situation a bit more if we received only a quarter/half of BG:EE. But we didn't. We got the full works, excluding Multiplayer for everyone (Again, it's still in Beta.).

There's just no pleasing some people, although in an ideal world I believe everyone would get along and everyone would be happy, but it's just never gonna happen. Purely why it's a fantasize world peace. I just can't understand why people instantly kick up a fuss because something is to their self-centered needs and/or views. People don't make things solely to please one person, they make them to please a vast amount of people, that's how things sell. If we all sold something to one specified person's wants and needs, everyone would live in Cardboard boxes and urinate in the streets. (Maybe a tad of an exaggeration just then, maybe.)

I know my ranting doesn't help, I'm sorry if it's an inconvenience. If it's to rant-filled, I don't it being removed, at all.




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