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So, whatever happened to "looking at pathfinding" ???

A better pathfinding AI, especially for the party when moving as a group, was probably one of the most often requested things during development, and the default answer was "we're looking into this".
Well, now I'm playing the Firewine Dungeon, Cloakwood Base, Thieves Labyrinth and it's STILL the same old beheaded chicken dance...
There have been a dozen suggestions on possible improvements (like, allowing party members to move through ally-occupied spaces, which would even be in accordance to the p&p rules, or having a character wait a second when the path is blocked by a character or NPC and then retry the pathfinding etc.)
But still, it's impossible to move through narrow dungeons without painfully collecting the clucking hens running around in the most stupid, pathetic and suicidal way possible... ;-)
So, is the plan to do something about it finally dead?


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