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Would you prefer to change Minscs weapon skills?

J_L_SeagullJ_L_Seagull Member Posts: 13
edited December 2012 in Archive (Feature Requests)
Every time, even with the old game, I get a bit confused with Minsc. Allright, he is mad as a hatter but with such great dual wielding basis as given by the ranger class, why would you ever consider having him wasting skill points on a two-handed weapon. What I propose is letting him max out his dual wielding and have skills for maybe flail/warhammer/axe? What do you all say? It would be a cool addition to him as a character, running around with a handaxe in one hand a flail in the other. Maybe something for BG2?

Would you prefer to change Minscs weapon skills? 32 votes

No, leave them as is.
O_BruceScooterMajocaCamDawgAvenger_teambgbigdogchrismister_ennuiSpitezwadekTJ_HookerBlakes7Raistlin82bbearTomeDurenasDurlachionZanathKariashiWaryMadhax[Deleted User] 25 votes
Yes, change them so that dual wielding that actually is the basis of ranger has an effect.
rentzensledgefangDarlockJ_L_SeagullOzzyBotkinsKushuKneller 7 votes


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