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A challenge from Jaxsbudgie!

toanwrathtoanwrath Member Posts: 621
After reading a challenge thread from @Jaxsbudgie, I decided to perform the challenge myself. Pretty cool idea, check his thread out for the original.

Here are the rules I followed:
- No reloading except game crash and main character death
- If any NPCs die, they stay dead! No raise dead/resurrect spells for your party members.

Added Bonus (my own idea):
- I put the girdle of sex change on whomever I bet is the next one to die (I "mark" them). I do not act suicidal with these characters, however they seem to die a lot once their gender has been changed.

Here we go!

Start of my first playing session:
- Started, Half-Orc Cleric/Thief
- Got Imoen
- Got Xzar and Montaron
- Got Khalid and Jaheira
- "Marked" Xzar
- Xzar killed by spider in Landrin's House
- Got Garrick
- "Marked" Garrick
- Garrick killed by random encounter skeletons traveling from South of Beregost to High Hedge
- "Marked" Khalid
- Khalid killed by Gnoll Slasher near of High Hedge
At this point I really started wondering if this cursed belt was more cursed than just gender swap, since it really is a death-magnet.
- "Marked" Jaheria
- Main character died at Basillus twice, reloaded twice

End of my first playing session.

Start of my second playing session:
- Jaheira killed by Basillus
After this death Montaron shouted out "Fool! Now we'll need another mule!" I also decided not to mark anyone for a bit in the hopes of keeping my party alive.
- Got Kagain.
- Got Dorn
- Main character died to kobolds in Nashkel mines (right after the spiders on level 3), reloaded
- Tried to recruit Xan, he refused (jerk) so I killed him.

After killing Mulahey, I've killed off two possible Wizards, one of the two bards, one healer and a fighter, I could be doing much worse. I picked my main character as a cleric/thief so that I would always have trap disarming and healing on hand to save my party in emergencies. Dorn is fragile, but he and Kagain might last a while. Since Xan didn't join me, I suppose it is time to mark someone...let's hope I don't jinx it!

- "Marked" Montaron
- Montaron killed by Maneira (exit from Nashkel mines, poison darts....stupid gender belt!!!)
- Dorn killed by Telka (I was going to "mark" him next but I didn't get a chance to loot Montaron yet. Oh well)

End of my second playing session.

Start of third session
- Got Branwen
- Got Minsc (payed lots of money at temple to get my reputation decent)
- Minsc killed by Nimbul (F**K!!!)
- Got Rasaad (he was right there, and I figured I need a 5th and 6th. So who for my 6th??)
- "Marked" Rasaad (inevitable)

Pretty crappy session so far, time to go get Dynaheir and then I can talk to Edwin without having to kill her.

- Rasaad chatted me up, and I realized that I never looted the Cleric ring off of probably vanished by now...FML
- Rasaad killed by Delgod (Sendai's archer, big surprise there)
- Got the gloves of dexterity for Kagain, he is pretty tanky now! Next session--Die-naheir!!

End of third session.

I'll update once-twice a week, thanks again Jaxsbudgie for the idea!

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