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Amnish soldiers in Nashkel fighting each other

forbjokforbjok Member Posts: 31
edited February 2013 in Fixed
Yesterday, I decided to play through the game with a Chaotic Evil character and very low reputation. (1 most of the time, except after turning in quests that increase it)

For the most part, there were no problems, but I noticed something strange - in Nashkel, occasionally the amnish soldiers that patrol the road would suddenly turn hostile, only to be instantly attacked and eventually killed by the other non-hostile Amnish soldiers.
As I've never seen this happen before (including in my normal reputation playthrough the day before), I'm assuming it has to do with my reputation.

My guess would be that they are supposed to attack me due to my reputation, but that for some reason the other soldiers treat them turning hostile on me as an act of aggression towards an innocent and as a result attacks them, causing them to start fighting each other instead and largely forgetting about me.
I have no idea whether this happens in the original game as well, as I've never done a "1 reputation" playthrough before, but while utterly hillarious, I can't imagine this was intentional.

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