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Sharing my custom graphics (pointy hat/face bag/duck helm)

SmileySmiley Member Posts: 3
edited February 2013 in General Modding
Hello, fellow players.
My friend and I were and are playing BG (EE in this case) first time so after making proper custom portraits that would suit our characters I went further and made few custom items for own amusement.

Now I'm sharing it all with you but note that its helmet animations are not for all creature sizes, but issue there is only coordinates, so other modders could probably fix it easily. I was using a scripting tool I wrote to ease animation making but still I edited about 2000 frames and got fed up with it to make it for creature sizes we didn't use in our playthrough. Item descriptions and some messages they make have our character names instead of proper tokens, but again if somebody wishes its easily fixable.

Pointy hat is showing only for Large size races and duck for small ones.

File archive itself is too big to attach it through forums so here is a link
And here is promised hotfix for files only, if you are interested in BAMs only, just download upper one

Note thogh that portraits are not work of my own, but merely photoshop editing of existing arts found in google. Item description also has a quote from Terry Pratchett's books.


Added 1 additional item - sleeping bed roll for adventurer camps. It doesn't do anything other than makes your character lie on the ground (animation only+1 second feeblemindness to prevent canceling sleep animation with movement). Waking up is achieved by ordering sleeping char to move.

It still has specific party names in descriptions/lines and few party-only jokes, you could easily edit that. Additionally I removed most of OP effects from items, now its mostly for flavor and rp (for example if a person wears pointy hat with misspelled "WIZZARD" and comes close to any npc who is wizard/cleric there is a chance that npc will start giggling)

1.jpg 273.4K
2.jpg 319.1K
3.jpg 363.8K
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