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OK, I lost 2 seperate saves I had made for replay purposes and went to reload them, they were gone and the auto save I had made had the picture of AR 5000 (could be a diff number, where Hentold is), but the save loaded as an earlier save in the temple in Nashkel.

Now, I only lost about 5 minutes play so it's no big deal, more of a "heads up", but :

1. It's scary
2. Back up your saves guys.


  • WigginnsWigginns Member Posts: 18
    You may want to double check to see if you were running on administrator and then ran it without administrator privileges.

    BG:EE saves it's saved games in the documents folder of the user who is running the program. When I did the initial install I started the game after running the installation.exe as an admin. I played for a bit and saved then got out. When I got back in I just double clicked it and didn't run as admin. This caused my games to be missing because it was not looking in the right save directory.

  • FiachFiach Member Posts: 231
    Nah, the saves are still in the folder, its just I cant see them in-game. I have never had the problem since and as I said, I only lost a few minutes. My post was to make people aware that they should save often.

    Thanks for the reply :)

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