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[MOD] NPC: Margarita Zelleod

XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
edited March 2013 in General Modding

Hello great players of BG!! I've always wanted to try modding, and finally have received the drive to do so. I'm in the making of a new NPC mod that I hope should be out at some point, and I'm very happy with the speed in which I'm learning everything about modding. This is going to be my first (and hopefully not my last) attempt at adding to the BG experience. Here's the mod, and please open with your thoughts and critisizms about it, because goodness knows it should be useful.

Margarita Zelleod:

Lawful Neutral

STR: 15
DEX: 17
CON: 15
INT: 12
WIS: 14
CHA: 15

BIO: When asked about her past, MARGARITA becomes defensive and fidgety. She mentions nameless people and countless places that seem to make her either older than she seems, or somewhat loony. She does seem to mention one thing consistently, and that would be her trade as a courier. You find that after some more prodding, she is constantly trying to shift the subject to something more neutral; implying that something horrific may have happened in her past, or she's deliberately hiding something from you.

My general aim was to add something similar to BG1 that I thought was amazing that was present in BG2 (although I want people to try the mod out before I say anything). I also wanted to plug a few holes; such as the lack of a Neutral aligned fighter type NPCs, the lack of shorty NPCs, AND a few plot holes that have always bothered me.

I shall start listing updates here, and if anyone is interested or has some thought about the mod (such as if it's OP or anything like that) then please feel free to post, as I'm open to anything anyone is willing to address.

Update: NPC is RELEASED, she does not have an original portrait or voicing (Going to figure that out) but I worked very hard on this, and is ONLY initial release. I have had a few trusted people play a little of it, and they said the writing is actually pretty decent at this point, and that it is ready for a release!

If there are any bugs, or things that are not working, PLEASE contact me at [email protected] or post it here!, Here's a download link:

Hope that those of you who try it will enjoy it :)

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  • JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
    Intriguing! I look forward to your take on the mysterious plot holes. :)

    Will Margarita being a non-good Ranger be addressed in the story? Or is that just another NPC thing, like the halfling Stalker combination?

  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    I do understand that she's illegal in two ways, but yes I do plan on addressing it, as well as other smaller things that (I'm hoping) most players won't pick up on ;) I also wanted to make her story intriguing and in depth without it overtaking the PC's place as the protagonist in the story.

    Is alot harder to do than I thought it would be.

  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    It's taking me a bit of nerve just to ask this here, but I was wondering if anyone had any links or knowledge of an existing tutorial that would allow me to alter existing in-game dialogue. I've been searching for quite a while, but I'm sure that what i'm looking for is out there, I am just not sure where it is. Basically what I'm trying to do is to add more lines of dialogue between Margarita and certain other NPCs out there (not joinable ones).

    If this is not actually possible, then never mind, but I could have sworn that it was, and was wondering if there was anyone out there that can pin point where it may be so I can start putting the finishing touches on my creation :)

    Thanks for any help in advance.

  • Jackkel_DragonJackkel_Dragon Member Posts: 103
    I think I already linked to a part of this tutorial, but here's the section that deals with "interjections" :

    I'm not sure exactly how to get NPCs to respond the the new NPC in interjections, but I suspect it might work in a similar way to NPC/NPC banters (since those alter the existing banter files).

  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    edited February 2013
    @Jackkel_Dragon thanks, and I've been using that particular tutorial alot. However, don't you have to alter existing dialogues in the first place? Do ALL NPCs have banter files, or do only the joinable NPCs have them? I'm going to keep trying on my own though. If I figure it out, I'll list how I did it so maybe it can help you too :)

    EDIT: Wow I can't believe I found a good reference for what I was looking for! I found it here

    Just scroll down to INTERJECT_COPY_TRANS. You were right by the way, it does have something to do with interjections, and this is great starting material. This should help me do it, and hopefully help you as well if you want those types of interjections as well.

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  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    Almost done with this project. Just have to add in a few more banters between NPCs and I'll be pretty much finished.

    Was thinking of adding in a somewhat special ability for her as well. Nothing too flashy, but something that could come in useful.

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,638
    Maybe a "natural trap" as...someone in IWD... I think one of the halfling races could use something "trapish".
    BTW - any chance to show us the portrait, if you have one?

  • Fina92Fina92 Member Posts: 274
    Sweet! Will she be a love interest for the PC? :)

  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    @LavaDelVortel I... have never played IWD so I am not quite sure what a "neutral trap" is. She is coming out to be a more interesting character than when I first coined her up. @JosefineS I intend to write a romance for her for shortie PCs, but not in game one. I want to carry over her story to game BG2 where she'll begin a romance if enough people like the mod and are interested in her as a character.

    As for a portrait. Unfortunately, I haven't actually tried working on one yet, as the few people that I have asked for a little help are too busy or are unable, and I have tried figuring it out myself. I really wish I had one, and if you guys know anyone who would be willing to help, then that'd be awesome. I know a perfect person for a voice actor, but voicing will not be with the initial release.

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,638
    On the portrait - depends what are you looking for: an original art, baldurized stock image (with permision of a model). I would help, but... I'm not sure if I can as I'm afraid I'm not really good when it comes to halflings :D

  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    Well I actually have a picture of a friend that she is based off of. I just need it to be baldurized.

  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    Just released it this afternoon!

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,638
    Is this like alpha? I mean - are you going to make the mod bigger? :) It would be nice to have a more talkative halfling stalker :)
    Still, good job :)

  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    It basically is from a certain standpoint, and yes it will get bigger. I STILL need an original portrait, but moreover I'm kind of waiting for a few other mods to come out so I can test it with them to make sure that I don't have any compatibility issues, also because I don't want my NPC to be the only one that's walking around talking and no one else is...

  • Jackkel_DragonJackkel_Dragon Member Posts: 103
    edited March 2013
    I'll take this for a spin after I finish testing my own NPC mod's latest version. In my experience, the more people testing something the better, since bugs get squished faster that way.

  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    @Jackkel_Dragon that's true, but you don't have to try it out if you don't have any interest in it. I have done a fair amount of testing on it already, so I'm pretty sure all the major things work with it, granted there's always something unforeseen... ALWAYS. Thanks though, for any help in the future :)

  • Jackkel_DragonJackkel_Dragon Member Posts: 103
    Aside from some too-curious-to-wait peeking into the dialogue files (which I now kinda regret because spoilers) I haven't seen much of Margarita yet, but I've run into a weird problem. Using the installer included with the download did NOT update my TLK file (in the localized directory nor in the main directory version I use for NearInfinity). I seem to have gotten around the issue by modifying a BAT file I made for my mod to install yours, but I'm not sure how many people are willing to and/or know how to do that for a mod. It's entirely possible this is a problem that doesn't occur to every system (since it sounds like you've had testers play this already), but I thought I'd warn you. It sort of sucks the fun out of finding a new character to see they have no name...

  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    @Jackkel_Dragon that's very odd, and I've gotten it to work on my new clean install on windows XP and they're using windows 7, so I really honestly don't completely know why yours did that... If anyone downloads Margarita, then it'll be a persistant issue... but I'm going to look into it ASAP, so thanks for telling me :)

    Also... I hope you didn't spoil it too much... In my opinion I feel like it'll ruin the playthrough...

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