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Custom Female sound sets/voices?

I feel so dumb right now asking for help about this, but does anyone know any good sites to download some good female sound sets... that preferably are not overly... well... generic to the beautiful woman tempting men kind of sound or several induendo's tied into it type? I get so tired hearing those but want a voice set that sounds like real, competent female adventures, and the only one that I managed to find, they're site went down for one reason or another. I'm sorry to be a bother, but it irritates me to a pretty decent point that I can't seem to find any like that. :/


  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,640
    What? You don't like female 3?! How dare you!

    Seriously now:
    Yeah I think the female voices from BG1 are kinda bad too (especially female 3 AKA Hagatha). The only one I ever use is default. The others seem a bit too into themselves...

  • MiriCBrownMiriCBrown Member Posts: 32
    lol It just seems limited and... well.. most of the time overdone, the only one I can use is the one where the actress screams I got the world's biggest ouchie... but that because the character I'm using for that would actually say stuff like that in my head(I'm really bad about that kinda stuff). But other than that, the others are overly done, number two's accent seems kinda... well insulting to me with the added personality, I don't exactly have anyone who's elderly enough for the old lady voice, the military woman is over done and flat, and the other one that sounds like a regualr woman reminds me of the 'working girls' from neverwinter nights and that in and of itself kinda disturbed because they got buisness despite being diseased and made me lose my appitete... I'm really weird, sorry. But still, some good female sounds sets would be AWESOME right now. :P

  • MiriCBrownMiriCBrown Member Posts: 32
  • MiriCBrownMiriCBrown Member Posts: 32
    Alrighty, now I just need to get a dumbed down walkthrough on how to add them and I should actually be set. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be nice, but inbetween waiting, internet ho! :D

  • MiriCBrownMiriCBrown Member Posts: 32
    LOL I actually started looking at it immeditaly after my previouse post, it's like the only mod program that I can open and walkthrough that I can understand, you're the man. Btw, love your avatar, that movie was awesome.

  • MiriCBrownMiriCBrown Member Posts: 32
    Sorry, show. lol I'm just so excited that I might actually be happy having my characters voices active again that I had a derp moment. :P

  • LuigirulesLuigirules Member Posts: 415
    Heh. I figured.

    Anyways, if you like my tutorial, please bump my thread or give me some likes so other players can more easily find it!

  • MiriCBrownMiriCBrown Member Posts: 32
    How do I bump a thread, just comment on it, I did actually give likes and Insightful as well, because that was so easy to follow, I wish more walkthroughs were that simple. :P

  • KidCarnivalKidCarnival Member Posts: 3,747
    To bump, you just comment, yes. And there is a star thingy somewhere, which adds a topic to your favorites.

    I don't know what kind of voice you're looking for, but I really like the one "f_bard" (and the male version, too). I use it for my thieves and bards, though it's probably not good for fighter classes.

  • MiriCBrownMiriCBrown Member Posts: 32
    I'm still kinda having some problems getting the voice sets to work so I haven't gotten the chance to hear it. Mainly I'm looking for more good aligned female voices, with decent voice actresses(granted they did alright with the orginals, just none are for me), who don't sound sultry or alluring all the time. I stopped playing D&D with my guy friends because of the whole "My character needs to run around in a chainmail bikini and say nothing but induendos" which I will admit was funny at first, but I'm older now, and as a writer who's main portaganist is usually female, it kinda bothers me to see the same thing over and over again, and as a woman who was picked on for not having the perfect body or face throughout nearly all my life, or being easy for that matter, after awhile, it kinda gets insulting. :/ I know it's not something I can change, guys, and women, like their female fantasy chicks to dress and sound like that, but I'm sick of dealing with it. Hence the reason why I'm searching all over the net looking for some voice sets that suite me better.

  • KidCarnivalKidCarnival Member Posts: 3,747
    You can take the voiceset of an NPC you like and who fits your criteria (for example Mazzy) and rename the files, then use them for your charname. In BG1, Mazzy doesn't exist, so you have no overlap. And for BG2, there's hope they'll include some better voicesets. (The male ones aren't that awesome either...)

  • MiriCBrownMiriCBrown Member Posts: 32
    Yeah, I got my husband to try the game today and they all made him laugh because they're bad. And how exactly do you take the voiceset? I'm very new to modding so I'm easy to get lost on this subject.

  • KidCarnivalKidCarnival Member Posts: 3,747
    The easiest way, since you don't want the default voices anyway:

    You download the voices from the dropbox. There is a folder with all sounds from BG1 and BG2 (and other games). Take all of the clips you like (i.e. all named Mazzy-something) and re-name them to Female1A.wav, then put them in (wherever your BG install is) - i.e. Program Files/BGEE/Data/00766/lang/en_US/sounds (en_US is assuming you use English). This overwrites the default voices and when you pick "Female 1", it will be whatever NPC's voice you used. It won't have correct strings (the written lines you see in the dialogue box - your charname may say "I'm on it", but the text will read "Of course"), but you won't hear the silly voices anymore.

    This is the naming convention (the file should also be in the dropbox as "soundlist.txt"). NPC voices are named the same way, so you just change what's before the letter - Mazzya.wav becomes Female1a.wav and so on.

    XXXXXXXa.wav : Battle Cry
    XXXXXXXb.wav : Becoming Leader
    XXXXXXXc.wav : Tired
    XXXXXXXd.wav : Bored
    XXXXXXXe.wav : Badly Wounded
    XXXXXXXf.wav : Selected 1
    XXXXXXXg.wav : Selected 2
    XXXXXXXh.wav : Selected 3
    XXXXXXXi.wav : Action Acknowledgement 1
    XXXXXXXj.wav : Action Acknowledgement 2
    XXXXXXXk.wav : Action Acknowledgement 3
    XXXXXXXl.wav : Being Hit
    XXXXXXXm.wav : Dying
    XXXXXXXn.wav : In Forest
    XXXXXXXo.wav : In City
    XXXXXXXp.wav : In Dungeon
    XXXXXXXq.wav : Daytime
    XXXXXXXr.wav : Nighttime
    XXXXXXXs.wav : Rare Selected 1
    XXXXXXXt.wav : Rare Selected 2
    XXXXXXXu.wav : Rare Selected 3
    XXXXXXXv.wav : Rare Selected 4
    XXXXXXXw.wav : Reaction to Party Member Death

  • MiriCBrownMiriCBrown Member Posts: 32
    Ah, I see, I've found a couple of guides on how to do that, but they're either cluttered up with all sorts of other nonsense that I'll take a look at another time, or it's just not very vivid enough for me to understand. I'm hoping that this will be much easier, does it require any other programs I need to download, I've already tried download four or five other programs. XP Hubby is getting mad that I'm cluttering his computer full of this stuff.

  • DelvarianDelvarian Member Posts: 1,232
    I have to agree that the voicesets for females aren't the best, I've had the same problem finding one that fits my characters. I usually just end up turning the volume down :)

  • KidCarnivalKidCarnival Member Posts: 3,747
    Nope, you just take the files you want and rename them, then put them in the sounds folder. If you try to play the wavs - that doesn't work outside the game for some reason; no-one knows why. (Magical wavs or something?) But if you just change the file name before the letter (max 7 characters - Female_onedigitnumber works), it will work in the game.

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