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Quality Control Process For Translating

CameronToferCameronTofer Administrator, Developer Posts: 253
edited July 2012 in Archive (Volunteering)
It's wonderful to see so many volunteers offering translation help. It's clear that we all want to see the best possible version of Baldur's Gate.

Our next step is to create a procedure to ensure quality control. Previously, I reviewed many websites offering collaborative translation tools and none of them seemed up to the task or prohibitively expensive due to the amount of words and languages we will tackle. If anyone has suggestions on a great collaborative translation website, mention it to me I may have missed it. Otherwise we will continue to use the Google Spreadsheets.

To organize I would like to form teams of translators for each language. Each team should have the following:

Title Role
Team Leaders Communicate with me and the rest of the group. Answer questions for the team, assign people to roles.
Maintains an up to date version of the credits list for the team that I can add to the game.

Translators The best people to translate strings from English to the native language. Translate new strings, as
well update strings to match the English updates.

Proofreaders People to read the translated string looking for any grammar, spelling, or suggestions for improvement.
Proofreaders should be native language speakers with good writing skills.

Rules Police These people enure all consistency with the game, D&D rules, and Forgotten Realms lore.
Ensure that item descriptions match their actions, place names are properly translated, names and terms
are properly carried through the game.

There will be a column for each role in the spreadsheet where each team member can sign off when they are happy. Then the teams can go from string to string until everyone is satisfied.

Comments welcome!




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