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Can you move guards/people/NPC (cyan ring) without going hostile?

WarChiefWarChief Member Posts: 7
edited April 2013 in New Players (NO SPOILERS!)
On the mine map I come out of the mines after fighting the lurker below. The three guards standing in the way trap 2 of my players on the octagon? Formation. All other formations take more characters behind the guard. I talk to them and they congratulate me for being hero but will not move! It is very frustrating. It seems they want me to live in the mines forever haha. The only way I got them to move was by having jaheira punch them lol..... Then we run as they barrage us with hits. Is there a better way? Is this just a glitch? Are they in fact supposed to move again as they did when they allowed you in? Or are the amnish soldiers really slave masters? Haha

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