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New to this; Online session through Hamachi

DutchticaDutchtica Member Posts: 1
Hey ladies and gents,
me and a friend of mine have been trying to get BG:EE to run multiplayer. But it's not working for us,
we know there's issues with it at the moment so there's no "nerdrage" here.

Trying to open a UDP port didn't work too well, so we took solace in Hamachi. Hamachi set up was fairly straight forward and easy, and we got into a session together.
Except when we actually *started the game* player #2 (Person not hosted) got booted. Able to rejoin the game (And have his character reassigned to him) but as soon as the action started; booted again.

Is this a problem with the program or is it BG:EE?
Any ideas?


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