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Finished and unfinished work

Zzidolfas86Zzidolfas86 Member Posts: 77
edited May 2013 in Fan Creations
This was an idea I had for a class in d&d called the Arch Knight. A class inspired by the Holy knights in Final Fantasy Tactics. Doubt I will ever color this one, but maybe if I got time. Pictures and Shit/Arch_KnightDOODLE.jpg

Random Soldier/Merc I really like this one, so I might color it :) Pictures and Shit/SoldiarDOODLE.jpg

I am a huge fan of the Paladin class in BG, and my favorite NPC has always been Keldorn. His god is Torm, and I always wanted to project my own version of Torm.
Because I am from the cold north, the "mighty god hammer" really inspire me... You know.. Thor and all......
I am very happy with this one, and will color it for sure! :) Pictures and Shit/Torm.jpg

And now Torm is a few years older and in color! Pictures and Shit/TornFINISHED.jpg

Finished my 7th sea character. A nice p&p RPG for those who want to give it a try :)
Gandar Dreadwood: Pictures and Shit/7th sea charFINISHED.jpg

This is another piece, not exactly Baldurs Gate, but it was for a Starwars D20 RPG.... Pictures and Shit/Bounty_HunterFINAL.jpg

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